The psychology behind globalism, nationalism & political tribalism – Jonathan Haidt

The psychology behind globalism, nationalism & political tribalism – Jonathan Haidt

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Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business. His academic specialization is the psychology of morality and the moral emotions. He is author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, and The Happiness Hypothesis.

He co-authored (with Greg Lukianoff of FIRE) an influential article in the September 2015 issue of The Atlantic, entitled “The Coddling of the American Mind”:

He also runs Heterodox Academy which promotes viewpoint diversity at universities.

Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges:

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  • You can't have globalism while the world is still unequal, he talks about how poorer countries have values that suit them economically and how as we get wealthier our values shift, until eventually we become globalists. The refugees and immigrants particularly from poorer countries are not globalists, they have the values of their country in which they were raised.

    Without effective integration these older values will continue to persist, esp when they are tied to collectivist religious ideology and fresh immigration continues to occur in massive numbers.

  • His opinions are solid but he seems overly sensitive which is contraproductive for the highest possible objectivity. That doesn't dissmiss the arguments, it just makes me more cautios on default.

  • "You can have diversity within a shared sense of identity (15:40) and without that shared sense of identity it's going to be very divisive." This is the problem with mass immigration…assimilation or lack there of!

  • Is anyone else super annoyed by the other guy in the video just moaning into the microphone over and over again?

  • Globalism leads to the destruction of national values and principles. Looking at you Sweden…

  • I sum up populism or the partisan atmosphere today this way. Prior too and over the past century, we have gone from a scarcity of necessities where true survivalism ruled. Now we have established a virtual shopping mall of plenty and the will and ability to disburse its goods so none shall have nothing. The problem lies in the over reaching of those that want to do less for more or have those that must sacrifice to have less….Less goods and less freedom. What is forgotten or overlooked is that this shopping mall does not exist out of thin air. It requires the dedication and values of those that have created it and maintain it through their efforts and sacrifices. I have not gone a day where the fruits of those that have built and contributed to our way of life has not been shamed, condemned and ask to give more. This is what got Trump elected.

  • This guy doesn't understand why having a one-world government is a very bad idea.. there is logic in nationalism, you don't want one point of failure for the whole world..

  • Just a liberal cuckled tool driveling on… Free markets do not pay our bills. And Swedes are emancipating themselves FROM Sweden.

  • Why is Nick Clegg involved in an intelligent,adult discussion.

  • fantasy vs reality. I don't know why baby boomers get blamed for everything. we had parents who were not necessarily great. we had Marxists running around trying to influence us who were members if the so called greats,. we saw guys not much older than we….18 years old…being sent to a stupid useless war by the so-calked greats. most of these profs who use demographics and statistics always leave out individuality and the srruggles of the whlite working class whi love american values. they observe from an ivory tower indeed and get insights out of books not life. but I agree with the idea of the illiberals. I've had the same experience bring a clasdical.liberal and now being perceived by these clowns as right wing.

  • Actually the whole "People from diverse communities are more tolerant" is pretty bullshit. I've lived most of my life close to a Muslim ghetto and due to certain events in even had to move into one. Now I'm way more a Nationalist than a Globalist and most people with this opinion are the same. In fact most people who say immigration is great never grew up in those kinds of neighborhood. I could tell you how the most common insults were "dog" and "Jew"… Yes, just Jew. Or being a heretic (not sure how exactly to translate that one). The place I grew up were like that. It weren't white people saying that shit though, it was the Muslims until one day they got the shit kicked out of them and so they started grouping together and only speaking up once you had walked past them. Globalist all think that everything is just lovely beautiful middle to high class schools with nice gardens. Where they can all smell their own farts and talk about how they aren't racist since they had sex with a black dude once. Not a fucking concrete jungle, where people are ten years behind most technological wonders and strive together in love for common things such as their country or flag.

  • Oh god not nick fucking clegg

  • Globalism = neo communism

  • Since when did anyone go for globalization? I feel it was forced on us.

  • And who cares what the other guy had to say!


  • at 12:05-15: "Jefferson was a racist, a slave owner and a rapist"
    could anybody tell if it is really a fact? IF IT IS, then since when telling fact becomes religious?

  • i only got to the explanation of the Leninist view, the John lennonist view. are you fucken kidding me. he can't distinguish John Lennon from Vladimir Lenin. WTAF!!!!!!! GAME OVER!!

  • Money, money, money makes the world go around.

  • Dems tried to kill the Republican party, they used lies threats, violence, etc, to wage their failed war. People like W Tarpley (liberal) explicitly talked about this how to make it happen.

  • I've been thinking exactly in the fashion Haidt. it's been bothering me. This exact same idea..

  • This is the best I have ever heard Clegg.



  • "The Left" as defined by Professor Haidt would not exist in the United States if it were not for the Nation State, tribalism, Western Civilization, the Enlightenment and the wealth created by the efforts of those who worked to increase the wealth of the nation, it's infrastructure, it's political structure, often fighting against enemies both foreign and domestic. It is not parochial for a people to object to the transfer of the nations wealth to third parties, especially when the recipients reject the fundamental tenants of the people (including The Left) who are their benefactors. Under Obama the federal debt doubled and we now have, for the first time since 1945, debt in excess of GDP. For 70 years the US has been paying for the defense of the World Order by the lives of the military and the expenditure of our labor. The elites think Government is creating this wealth, but it is the private sector that creates the wealth that the elites spend through control of government. All while the middle class in the US is shrinking and under great stress. It is not irrational, parochial, short sighted or mistaken to say "enough" and to end the bleeding.

  • Just one problem:i think trump was a net for the elite in-case the right-wing wins and it's not about ideal, it's about making money and both parties neglect people for their self-interest

  • "Populism is bad, but democracy is good."

    Translation: Only elites are capable of governing, but we hold elections to manufacture popular consent.

  • .

  • Does he realise that he's kicking the cr•p out of everything Clegg stands for?
    Clegg certainly does, but says nothing more than "hmmm."

  • It's hard to even fathom how person can be so overly credulous, gullible and naïve that he actually believes that the cryptoIslamist KHAN is a proud Muslim American without any divided divided loyalty. How can you not know that a new tire affair was not staged managed by the DNC and that KHAN has publicly stated that sharia law supersede the United States constitution? Nice divided loyalty.

  • Quite a flowery spiel pretending the current progressive posture is a positive and superior organic outgrowth of our success. The current progressive narrative is clearly top down social engineering. Why should the view of the "top" be forced upon the rest of us? Do we not have any right to live as we wish? One can argue the merits of progressivism but, one cannot connect it's acceptance to the grassroots of society. While pontificating from their ivory towers the hubris soaked brain-trust of the western world is traveling around the world, forcing through violence regime change of any government it decides needs to be replaced, some of us cheer it on. The entire progressive narrative is a sick myopic danger the world has yet to encounter. I pray humanity can survive it. Mr Haidt is part of the problem not the solution.

  • It is all the German scum. These fucks play these game, love to piss you off, then act as the victim.

  • Look at this weird chair, not able to put down the arms. These fucks make furniture and items that are not helpful.

  • Except Germany. On every fucking food product is the German flag at Lidi, which is now global.

  • Mayube Watergate is bull, it was one or both Jews that digged up the story.

  • John Lenon moved to NYC as fast as possible, and then got shot. 🙂

  • The design of the chair, and that is the same as the cunt doctor I went to had later, is made to make to uncomfortable. Can't be? Little steps.

  • canada is doing a great job, only katie hopkins types wouldnt see it

  • (Point of information). There was loads of actual violence inflicted upon Trump supporters in the run up to the election. It wasn't accurately reported if reported at all but there is loads of private footage on the web of many attacks in the streets outside Trump rallies, in the rallies themselves, and there was of course the attempted assassination of Trump on at least one occasion. People should look up on youtube exactly what the media covered up on this subject alone its shocking.

  • LOL, so we all act civilly. Go to Chicago or Baltimore, or St Louis. Look at Antifa  and the Marxist ideals that they support. They attack people daily. Populist – a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people. How is this a bad thing. How is being a Nationalist in the U.S. a bad thing. Answer is its not. The U.S. is a country based on a ideology of freedom. At least it used to be. He says being like Sweden is a good thing. The rape capital of Europe. A country that now arrests it own people for speaking honestly. Self demonization of your own culture is not productive or even sane. And welcoming a 7th century cult into your midst is suicide.

  • The problem with Mr Khan's statement at the Democratic Convention was fairly simple his statement could be made was a political statement at political event for anyone responding to him in any way other than abject adulation was called racist.

  • I would say we are ripe for a civil war but this is different. There is no Mason / Dixen line. We are intermingled with our enemies. This will come down to who the military sides with. Eitherway, we are in for perilous times. Very bloody . It's history repeating itself. Open borders and extreme diversity has doomed us and them.

  • Highly Relevant
    Ousting the Marxist Transgender Suicide Cult from Schools and Unis

  • It is not really multiculturalism that is a problem. That word is just a way of hiding the real problem at hand, multiracialism. You can have a multiculturalism of different white cultures, such as Polish, German, Spaniard and ect and still have a comfortable pleasant 1st world country. But you cant have multiracialism of different brown and black races. Black and brown people simply do not create 1st world countries, no such thing exist. So they all want to migrate to a white country, deconstruct its history and ways of life and morph them into something that more resembles their their world home lands while somehow trying to retain a 1st world standard of living. It does not and cannot work. The different races need to be kept segregated.

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