The Psychology Behind Colors

The Psychology Behind Colors

Today we explore the psychology behind individual colors.

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  • how do u make such awesome videos?

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  • Thank you so much, much appreciated

  • reaaaalllly nice! appreciate your work!

  • you look like the guy from the band/artist EXAMPLE

  • What's the name of the movie under Brown? The one with the kid and the goat.

  • Thanks!

  • buddy when we mix all colour …white won't come … black only comes … when we mix vibgyor and other light Ray …we will get white

  • I just discovered your channel and it is so helpful. Thankyou!


  • Hi, i'm Korean. I often to see your video. I like your video. But.. Can you make another subtitle?

  • nice videos! im so glad i came across this channel, i needed help with premiere pro but seeing that you do much more than just tutorials amazes me! also great choice in music, i recognized it from majestic casual :o))

  • Awesome! Colors can be so difficult to choose. 😉

  • 7:54 whats his name?? So cute!

  • Im a HATER and even I can't thumbs down this video…..THE NERVE…oh and yellow is not the most visible color…it is the most LUMINOUS COLOR…

  • I thought the mixing of light is an additive process while the mixing of paint is subtractive. Therefore black is a color infused with the power of all pigments and white as a color does not exist and can not be mixed or made. When we mix black paint we subtract one or two part of whatever primary we are using. While each primary its essence remains contained within the structured mix. Thanks great video, going to look into the book!

  • like why do people even go to college for art and film when individuals such as you are out there :/

  • I hate blue !!!

  • Brown is NOT a color … it is a affirmative action wavelength !!!

  • Thank you very much for this excellent video!

  • Instant subscribe. Very good info.

  • Absolutely loved this!

  • So awsome

  • It's a weird word, because that's not how it is pronounced, lol.

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