The Psychological & Spiritual Effects of Being Negative ~ Fr Ripperger

The Psychological & Spiritual Effects of Being Negative ~ Fr Ripperger

What are things that make people always look negative on things? Family, politics, the state of the Church are areas that can do that. What do we do about that to keep from being negative? For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest


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  • father rippenger please respond to me. three legged stool needs 4 legs to be alive ,god created 4 legged creatures we need mary .this error allows shifty reason of consecration of russia.

  • You know, I know so many people who are so negative, they really need to hear this. They complain so much about everything and totally kill my mood.

    j/k I know I definitely needed to hear this. I have a lot of negative thinking, and day by day, by the grace of God, I'll overcome it. Thanks for the necessary reminder.

  • Thank you for posting this. These are life changing words for someone whose negativity has harmed her marriage… With God's grace it will be overcome. Please pray for me and I for you!

  • He sounds like James Spader with the philosophy of Seneca and Epictetus.

  • Good Morning Sensus Fidelium, This is outstanding! Would you know if a written copy of his talk is available that one could print out? So much to reflect on again and again and quote. Thank you for posting! God Bless.

  • Sorry, but this reminds me of Norman Vincent Peale. No thumbs up.

  • A.J

    wow 😊

  • Fantastic talk. I learned a lot. I think we have to be careful of just focusing on the negative in all areas…even in traditionalists. I wished Father would have pointed out that not all traditionalists are miserable and focused on the negative. He lumped all traditionalists into one group. Would have been more accurate to call them radical traditionalists. Im a member of a parish that celebrates the TLM only. Everyone isn't miserable. I see people smile all the time. Father made great points but should have admitted that there have been a lot of things going on in the Church for the last 50 years that justifies being concerned. But yes we should not be obsessed with these things and try to focus on the positive. Are there angry trads that focus on just the negative? You bet, but I think he went a bit hard on all traditionalists and didn't clarify who exactly he was speaking about.

  • -Humiliations are really no big deal for a Catholic, but untrue information
    coupled with negativity to damage someone's reputation publicly can truly
    damage a soul depending on the gravity of the matter.

    – Calumnies are NOT a form of depression, but a form of injustice…….
    They do cause sadness but only to those who commit them.


  • I forgot something: a very Wise Priest gave a wonderful Homily and it was about JOY. J=Jesus O=Others Y=Yourself keep your life in that order and you will have and experience JOY.
    BTW GOD is always in control….nothing is happening that God does not permit.

  • Fantastic! This is a real breath of fresh air! Thank you very much Sensus Fidelium. Fr. Chad, God has blessed you with such graces!! my pray are with you.

  • Fr. Ripperger: Thank you for another great talk. I have had a very different experience with the Traditional community. My fellow parishioners are happy, humble, good Catholic people. My husband has said that perhaps the sedevacantists we have met (NOT in our Traditional chapel) are more negative, like those described in this talk. Our chapel is fully Traditional and it is a joy to be part of it.

  • This is awesome…I needed this lecture so badly…..I need to listen to this several time over….Thanks Fr Rip!

  • i wonder if Lafever had a negative issue?


  • Wonderful πŸ™‚

  • So true that we need to be willing to suffer with the Church and focus on God.

  • thank you I needed to hear this I'm not a gold coin either

  • A wonderfully presented philosophy in which to live your life

  • All in all, this presentation is a reminder that we are created in the image of God, thus we should not loss our focus to the extreme on the both sides… true humility, true mercy, true charity and true happiness…. in Christ the Truth will set us free….

  • Awesome! Really needed to hear this. Thank you, Father!!!

  • Fr. Ripperger is awesome.

  • Yes – I'm looking at our church and despise what I see. Homo-masonic "priests" are destroying our church, families, youth. When did you "positive people" send your children to summer camp not being afraid that that "father" may do something inappropriate to your child. Instead of condemnation of sin I see justification. NOT IN MY EYES. Before someone can teach me – please, MEDICE CURA TE IPSUM !! How many Homo-Bishops Orlando had in the past 30 years ?? Do not know the answer – ask "father" Bendixen.

  • 14:

  • focus on God. at church and as you go thru your day. focus on your spiritual life. get out in nature with your family, if only a picnic in the back yard or the lake, beach or park. and pray the rosary with your family!y before or after you eat, let your husband and kids !dad and choose the saints or angels, or various titles of Jesus and Mary. this can really stick with people, especially in bad times. teenagers need to lead and say the memorae or the divine praises or sing tantum ergo.

  • Hi Sensus Fidelium. Dear Father. What about discipline and obedience ? That's cross right ? I pray for discipline, strength and resignation, to do my duty like soldier. "Do this thing.. , Act this way … you don't like it ? Well Too bad . Swallow it and keep doing it" because is God's command.

    The eternal promises of Jesus sometimes seems to be so distant, and the hurting and humiliation of this world is painful. To sacrifice a desired dream or a most wanted thing because you duty , even if it causes you incredible sorrow, even when your body and consient mind are hating you. "It's negative a thing ? does it hurt ? it is an injustice ? yes yes yes .. don't protest, those God's commandments so you better like, put a nice face , swallow it and keep doing your job soldier , even at the cost of your life".

    Father is asking for discipline and resignation wrong ? I am sinning if inside of me i'm trying to an obedient and grateful son. Even if inside of me i don't feeling it ? Should i pray to be able to love my cross instead of just resigned myself into it ?

  • Arent we lovely creatures?

  • At 48:30 Did he say that the people running the Church are not good people? πŸ˜• And what did he say immediately after that, he said "or…."

  • Four kinds of negativity!? o great, I'll never get over it.

  • I haven't heard any homilies for Fr. Rip lately, what's going on?

  • OH ! that dog is SO CUTE !!!! 😎 And my act of judgement too says it's true that by nature, dogs have 4 legs ! LOL

  • Wow this talk really spoke to me because ever since 9/11, I've been totally consumed about politics, the criminals in govt, the crumbling church, etc. Ten years ago I returned to the Latin Mass, thanks be to God for the grace to do so and I have noticed and been part of the negative talk and anger. I am normally the one joyful about my faith. This talk gave me "permission" to let go and let God and laugh more, because all I can do is pray for all the church and the world's ills.

  • Some people are trapped in negativity thought processes. I work with such a person, at first I thought she was bitter and unforgiving, but as she shared things done to her, my annoyance changed to sympathy. It would have been helpful if you shared some ways people can self-help themselves out of negativity and/or how those who must be with them on a daily basis can help them.

  • Father Ripperger is certainly right in pointing out the major flaws in the psychology field, but his comments about "demonic possession" seem to be very outdated. If someone uses LSD and talks about the wild daydreams, that person can be said to be demonicly possessed. LSD comes from the ergot fungus which can grow on grain crops harvested late in a rainy season. Ergot LSD has been around for thousands of years, which means centuries ago people inadvertently ingested ergot LSD and experienced wild LSD trips where they talked about it or worse yet, acted on it. Back then, it was said people experiencing this temporary condition was possessed by demons simplly because they didn't understand what it was.

    Today medical science shows that certain chemicals cause hallucinations, not a demon who flies around with a pitchfork and enters someone's body because they didn't say enough Hail Marys.

    Medical science also shows ergot LSD only lasts 7 or 8 hours. After that, the person is fine again. JudeoChristianity teaches us, through the wisdom of King Solomon's moral proverbs, to ignore the wild daydreams as well as possible, and never to act on them. Also, to forget about the wild daydreams and not to dwell on them or keep thinking about them as if they were true. Tp use the term "demonic possession" is so archaic as to be of no help at all, often causing even more confusion and problems.

    The same is true if the term "mental illness" is used to describe a dosing of LSD ergot. It generally creates more confusion and distrust than it could ever resolve. The best way to avoid, or recover from, an adverse reaction to a drug is to stick with goodness, non violence and love as is taught by David, Solomon and Christ. This works much better than calling it a mental illness or demomic possession.

  • This one is exceptionally packed…I would say, it is a " must hear' for all. And it is not for just hearing but to sit with pen and paper and to learn..i wish a word version was available for reading..Sadly the video is we cant see the flip chart.

  • I needed to hear this. I think God must have answered my prayers and led me here because I needed some help. I been so negative lately that it is affecting my health and well being, literally. Thank you.

  • what about all the pedophiles in the catholic church how negative is that what does god think about that why dont you give a sermon about that

  • I fully agree to return to the traditional Latin Mass. I don't like Pope Francis because from the ways and behaviour he did during the World Youth, the statements he talked about homosexual , one world order, celibacy of priests, etc. Just make me sick. Recently I started brushing up my Latin Rosary prayers and hope I can grasp hold of what I did in my childhood. Every time when I visit a church where the Tabunacle is not at the centre of the alter, the priests often not respect the Holy Eurcharist, sloppily celebrating the Mass and the Homily is lousy. After Vatican II, everything is going downward.

  • Eva

    One reason I see why people can start bashing themselves for their past sins is that you have to continue confessing them after they're forgiven. Besides, knowing you'll have to expiate for something forgiven (the terrible fire of Purgatory).

  • More on false mercy

  • Lmfao, Why is there a screenshot of the movie Shame at 3:44?

  • I will dispense with fake pleasantries in this review. Fr Chad is a big Boy (in my book ) so he can take some criticism. I give this seminar B- grade. (composite of A+ , A- and D and F)
    A+ for exposition of negativity pernicious effect on on the psyche
    A- for explaining infallibility doctrine.. Since like most (B-) of his soliloquy
    And here goes my critique. I am immensely annoyed by the contradiction of the Father of need for positive thinking and presuming the current collapse of Church.
    Our Mother Church has been afflicted by our sins since beginning. That is because we are the body of Church. Since the time when our Vicar Peter was running away and denying Christ in Gethsemane and later in Rome . It is a sinful presumption we are so bad that end times are near ( though they may) It is a proof that Father Chad suffers from historical ignorance to claim we are in the worst of the times ready chastisement . How was Church doing in 1930's Austria 90% nominal Catholics who gave 70% support to satanic socialist Hitler, or in South Carolina diocese who supported slavery before even after rebuke of the Pope. I do agree with Father 100% all graces flow from Church and and sins of the Church in which 48%+ Catholics who voted for the abortion party in US is a wound but is it better that 70% + support for slavery in 1830 south . Abortion is the evil of our days but it gets less support of Catholics than slavery did . Contraception is the problem how big compared to the past I do not know how the support now for it is now compared to the past . What I find particular offensive is Fathers assessment of clergy . I think we have best clergy since very very long time and best Popes from Pius X all the way to Benedict since the first century !! So be joyful pray and do not give into negativity and fight a good fight.

  • Soo great πŸ™πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸ•Š

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