The Open University – Study with me – Psychology Book Collection

The Open University – Study with me – Psychology Book Collection



Hey guys, today’s video is a little late I apologise. I had some issues with my laptop, but it is here now. Lets look at my psychology book collection!
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Module Books –

Psychology books –
guide to essay writing – Peter Redman
Designing and reporting experiments – Peter Harris
Psychology for dummies – Adam Cash
Forensic and criminal psychology – Dennis Howitt
A history of British serial killing – David Wilson
Criminal profiling – David Webb
The psychology book – DK
Introducing Criminology – Clive Coleman and Clive Norris
Serial Killer Magazine –
BPS (British Psychological society) magazine
Codes and websites:

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Canon 700D/RebelT5i
Wondershare Filmora

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Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]

DEAF KEV – Samurai

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All products have been bought myself apart from the module books which come when you enroll.


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  • Don't forget to comment the questions you want answering in the next video in two weeks time! XXX

  • Thanks for another OU video! please please could you do one on compari g and contrasting? my TMA is on this (due on 14th!) and i have no clue! :/

  • You make super cool videos just subbed! I have a channel too if you could sub back thank you!

  • S J

    Thanks for this video! Are you working while studying? I'm starting this degree come October this year and planned to do it full time but I need to work as well! I'm just concerned how I will Balance the time etc xx

  • You should take a look at this film about Stanley Milgram. You might find it interesting.

  • Hey, thank you for sharing your video. Im due to start OU degree – Psychology in October. After reading some reviews on the OU as a whole they where mainly negative and its made me re think. Some of the main issues that came to light in the reviews was lack of support, strict marking, and just an overall poor experience to the students who felt frustrated and unhappy. How have you been finding the support and learning/feedback from tutors and materials?. Really thinking of cancelling!

    Below is the review website I have been reading.

    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

  • hi I am in 11th standard and I am 16. I bought the psychology book the red one I am bit interested in psychology but I am not sure what exactly the book is about I mean will it help me known what psychology is?

  • hi πŸ™‚ I'm in enrolled for a free course at the open university online πŸ™‚ and I have a problem πŸ™ they have download buttons to download the course book and when I download the book ,it does not open :/ do you know where I could get the book ?

  • PS I get some cool psychology books in goowill hard covered ones with cds like for 3 dollars if you wanna look for more there πŸ™‚ and save some bucks

  • Hiii truly appreciated this video it was really helpful. Im starting to study psychology with the open university in a months time and just had a small qs which i really hope ull be able to answer. ive opted for full time study so i will be studying 2 modules each yr and im just curious how long it takes to complete each one.Thankyouuu in advance xx

  • love your videos xx

  • hi there. Might be starting psychology OU in October if the student finance goes through in time. I work part time 16-20 hours. I'm 40, clocks ticking. would I be able to change it to a full time OU rather than part time which I went for? love it if I could do it in 3 years instead of 6. Cheers hun x

  • Arh cheers there thank you for replying so quickly. So it is possible to do 120 year having part time job?

  • awww cheers girlyobserver x

  • Are you doing the master degree?

  • Can you do a review of the book Psych101 ? πŸ™ I really want to know the inside of dat book

  • are you studying BS or AB psychology

  • Get a DSM-5 it's an essential as a psych major especially if you are interested in the field of medicine .

  • how many books do you get in week 1 as far as your textbooks

  • starting psyc 2 and counselling modules in oct love your vids . how did you find De100 project ?

  • hey cool video but can i suggest cutting out the wasted time and cutting to the chase cos its 26 mins long and theres big chunks of nothing…

  • Life is short, maybe just the key points would have been better.

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