The Nurture Room (Child Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

The Nurture Room (Child Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Filmed over a period of one year, The Nurture Room accesses three schools (three of only five schools in the whole of the UK that agreed to participate in the film), and follows a handful of children as they go on their journey back to full participation in the classroom via the ‘nurture room’. This film provides an insight into the lives of troubled children within schools.

The Nurture Room covers a new approach to helping children with Additional Support Needs in the form of social, emtional and/or behavioural needs which are acting as barriers to the children’s learning.

The Nurture Room is a place within the school where children can be given freedom to express themselves. The aim is to effectively address the children’s needs and prevent exclusion from the classroom and any distress caused by them not having the coping skills, through no fault of their own. Primarily, these rooms hope to ensure that as few children as possible are excluded from school due to bad behaviour. By taking a proactive approach, these rooms within schools ‘nurture’ children to give them the best possible chance of coping within a mainstream classroom setting alongside their peers.

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March 11, 2017 / 42 Comments / by / in
  • this teacher is a gift.

  • Wow! They are all so kind! I wish I was like them:)

  • These teachers are amazing

  • The education system in general is unnecessary n insignificant in lifes journey i believe. Who ever said schooling was a human brings beings purpose anyway? whos to say this is our correct calling when you can clearly see it doesnt work , what are we getting a school education for anyway? To learn how to be slaves & ants working till we die for the elites? We humans were never made for any of this .

  • Wonderful teachers !

  • i like the fact that they recognized the parent's effort as well . Cause often times parents feel like a failure when they have children with behavoiural issues

  • there should also film into the families lives , then we see why they act the way they do … mum and dad spend so much time on face book when baby upto 5 , then blames the kids mirror sponge on ADHD haha laughable divot fucken parent's..

  • Bless the people that can deal with these type of children sincerely. Personally I would be in prison after a week.

  • I agree with her, even if you suspend a child from school it does not solve problems.

  • Wow, I really enjoy watching this video, I see patience, excellent therapeutic rapport, building trust and i can see she " loves" them and at the same time she is directive and firm and give choices.

  • very touching show I had to re watch it

  • This made me want to cry. The staff here are amazing and wonderful and so many other fabulous words.
    watching these children blossom is awesome. xoxo

  • The state of Texas has just reimplement corpal punishment, please let reason change it back.

  • Delores Cannon

  • the majority of these kids have something in common….no dad and/or an idiotic uncle

  • @47:37 is the PROBLEM !

  • Watched the whole program tonight, as a teacher myself I solute your patience, encouragement and endurance…not to mention the beautifully decorated classroom 💓

  • she should have walked away when he didn't want to play football but she turned it into an ordeal she also shouldn't have had the other child there whilst talking to him.

  • These mums and dads have patience of saints

  • she has found her life's calling or the Lord led her to it she just takes things as they come

  • What a wonderful teacher. So patient and caring. We need more teachers like her. When my sister was in primary school the majority of her teachers were vile… really hateful and bitter. Not a great example of how a teacher should be like.

  • a lot of this just looks like abused kids

  • There are several places tat subtitles would be useful! Otherwise, a great documentary.

  • Jason seems like he was severly neglected of some kind of drug addiction in pregancy or alcohol.i was a teachers aide for a long time and saw children like this, it was hard to deal with. Jorden seems like she has adhd.

  • That woman has the understanding and patience of a saint!! Well done!

  • M

    Little Jamie might do better in a Montessori setting. Each child does their own thing and receives instruction at their own level. Shaming doesn't help any child.

  • It possible that the reason for the behavoir is that because glasgow highrates of drug, alcohol, homelessness, abuse, poverty and enemployment it likely there suffering phycological issues

  • This woman is a saint!

  • What fantastic teachers and school….

  • what a beautiful , kind woman

  • toast for lunch? what kind of meal is that?

  • SOLUTION TO CHILD ISSUES: Stop feeding your kids all this TOXIC ANIMAL PRODUCTS, NO SUGAR and NOTHING FRIED. NO REFINED OIL EVER. ONLY feed them 100% plant-based, very green, mostly RAW natural plant foods, such as veggies, fruit, grains, a little nuts and seeds. Also plant-based enzymes and plant-based probiotics – a high dose. Lots of purified water water, in bed by 8:00 pm at least, NO PC games either, and regular, very effective exercise. Provide the right kind of discipline, (NO spanking!), and have in place a few (not too many) GOOD rules, that MUST be kept. Offer them a SUPER calm environment (NO fighting parents and siblings!), and play ONLY classical music (NO pop music, ever!); teach them hobbies that develop their minds; and PRAY as a family. PROBLEM WILL VERY SOON BE SOLVED!

  • all "parents" addicted to methadone thas is the UK junky on junky 500mln Pounds yearly spent on methadone

  • ADHD doesnt exist. This is big pharma  bullshit

  • Great documentary. These teachers are absolute gems! Their patience and kindness is incredible! If these kids watch this in the future, I hope they realize how lucky they were to have been under the care of these special people.

  • What year was this recorded in

  • These teachers do an absolutely incredible job, they are fantastic. They change lives. They change the whole lives of the children, but of their families as well and all the people around them. I am so impressed!

  • Teachers are so underpaid.

  • this makes my heart all warm and fuzzy

  • i was takin away from my when i was 4 years old my dad and my mom did 4 years old uk find me on the road i had none give mother love and when i was 14 years old i when,t to kill myslef bat uk find on tob of a three stor huis and they whent me to come dowe and i sad ok then fiol off the huis and i woke up in the hospital and the uk come to ket me from the hospital when i heard them i jamb out of the window and i run away and they were looking for me tell when i was 14 the find me i was live adear huis for 4 years old

  • does children come to the world to just obey?

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