The Mind of Michael Jordan (the psychology of an obsessed winner)

The Mind of Michael Jordan (the psychology of an obsessed winner)

Analyzing the mind set that MJ uses to destroy his oppenents. Something that Kobe Bryant has internalized but not so much Lebron James.

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  • If MJ broke his spine in college, he would have been the next jack the ripper

  • Yo

    Micheals Jordan created confrontation with players by purpose so that he could use that as fuel in his games. He knew they would try to comback at him.

  • He always seem like a piece of shit, but he is the GOAT.

  • who else saw a LeBron commercial😂😂

  • phill jackson was never a coach anywhere lol.

  • mj even intimidated kg he was a man amongst boys only person he couldnt get to was kobe

  • I think, this is the one subject where people should talk less about other people and more about themselves. Less about the stars and how they fight each other, and more about how they feel inspired to PLAY the game.

    Back in the 90's, you had the gear, you had to play the game. And people would comment on facts like "that's not a very patrick ewing play" – because he was wearing ewings. or that's not a penny play, because he couldn't stop mentioning penny hardaway. Stuff like that. But it was always between basketball players, on the court. For bragging rights. NOW… on youtube… it's complete shit.

    I'm 40. After a 15 years break from basketball, I prepared myself all throughout the winter as best as i could… and i finally made it on a court, 2 nights back, with a bunch of teens and young people. basically anywhere from 16 to maybe 25. an assortment of players.

    It wasn't as horrible as I imagined it would be. Offensively I'm completely dead inside, but defensively I'm become brutal. And I could keep up with the kids for 2 hours. Which in my book is a win. and that's something to brag about.

    So, for me, MJ is not just the shoes, or the player, or the rings. It's the fire that he lit in me. On and off the court. Because once bitten by the virus… you wont change. Regardless of what you do.

  • Kobe > MJ

  • And folks really be trying to say Lebron is better. MJ would terrorize Lebron have him playing off like shit

  • In my opinion Micheal knew what I know. Here in this world we are built for struggle. Through the struggle we make a way for greatness. So maybe he talked trash to increase the struggle the competion. Through that increase he was able to increase himself. I choose to push myself inside instead of out. I hope to master my world as much as he did his.


  • I.e. A compulsive Gambler !

  • love the dmx outro my nigga

  • also mj had killer hops and LeBron is just an oversized ape that relies to much on ego and foul calls

  • Jordan put it on the floor every night that's the difference.

  • I remember that Oprah interview with Charles, he came across as a bit of a douche

  • Jordan has a killer instinct around the rim!! and so does Kobe

  • anybody that grew up watching Mike knows what's up. The man was a beast!

  • does anybody know the name of the song at the Beginning (until 0:58) ?

  • Jordan's mindset>mamba mentality

  • How to win in life? Join the Spiritual Truth Now facebook group.

  • Every successful athlete has this weird confidence in themselves like they can't lose at all total belief in them self. That means something

  • May be the best of the best but hes still a asshole

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