The Marshmallow Test

The Marshmallow Test

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In this popular test, several kids wrestle with waiting to eat a marshmallow in hopes of a bigger prize. This video is a good illustration of temptation and the hope in future rewards. This experiment is based on many previous and similar scientific tests.

Special thanks to Watermark Community Church ( for sharing their video with us.


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  • The kid who got the 2 marshmallows will be a future selfmade millionaire.

  • go fuck ur self noob

  • I m here because of the book "the art of thinking clearly"

  • 1:32 "Just one teeny bite won't hurt…"

  • 666 disliles O:

  • 666th dislike

  • Why was this recommended to me?

  • If the child has a good life with good parents who fulfil the child's needs..the child is more likely to be able to wait.
    If the child lacks a balance of action and reward…they will est the marchmellow instead of waiting in the need to balance their happiness needs.
    Balance is needed.

  • it's easy to get similar results if you just remember when you where a kid.

  • that girls eyes are creepy!

  • 2:29
    “One bite wouldn’t hurt…”
    *bites then gives up*

  • My teacher did this

  • but Marshmallows are nasty…

  • Psychology lesson anyone? 😂😂

  • I'm honestly surprised so many of them waited. When I was a kid I was all about instant gratification and I don't think I had much self discipline at all.

    I looooved that kid at the end. Especially at 2:30. The wait was killing him! He made it though!

  • I would've held a handstand and turned cartwheels until she came

  • turns out the girls where the most impatient

  • I did this challenge at can guess what happend.

  • 2:44 – The cutie says OK while she is eating it.. LOL

    2:56 – The boy at is going to get a lot of girls in future. A patient listener 😀

  • You know i've got this.

  • 😽😽😽😽🤓💋💋

  • The kid at the last part just wanted to get out of there. Lol So, how many of the kids passed?

  • It's a test for delayed gratification. In longitudinal studies, kids who exhibit delayed gratification are more consistent with their choices later in life. They will persevere through a task, in college, careers because they see the end result as rewarding.

  • These kids are all more patient than me

  • Most of the girls are not having patience 🤗🤗 at least we can see some different 😍😍🤗🤗😂😂

  • This is the video we watched at my school and everyone laughed

  • Times up: they come in, take the marshmellow and say: "no marshmellow for you, bucko". Then they give the kid a big spider instead, plus let him/her watch a video of the kids that ate the marshmellow: they got a whole package as reward. Kid is like "lolzlzlz, they got me fair and square".

  • where is the diversity

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