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Central mass psychological theses
Types of materials:
A. Dissimilar materials (foules hétérogènes)
1. nameless masses (as street collections)
2. Not nameless (for example, jury, Parliament)
B. Similar masses (foules homogeneous)
1. sects (political, religious, others)
2. Case (military, priests, workers box, etc.)
3. Classes (citizens, farmers, etc.).
Nature, function and evaluation of the mass:
A mass is basically impulsive, mobile, irritable, suggestible, gullible, obsessed with exaggerated and ingenious ideas, intolerant and dictatorial.
Mass transport mainly ideas and cultural objectives that are only realized by the few who can keep from mass distance.
The individual can only in the mass ascend to heights or sink down into depths (mostly the latter).
Origin of mass is the mass psyche that emerges again from a racial soul than the common, inherited cultural substrate.
Anglo-Saxon masses react differently Romanesque, often show even contradictory ways of reacting.
Modern materials are mainly characterized by a boundless egotism, brings decay and spiritually barren mob rule with him.
The emerging mass age has to be assessed negatively, as here now overpowering masses are no longer bound by ideals, traditions and institutions.
Suggestibility and gullibility:
The members of a mass forfeit the critical faculties of which they have as individuals. Your personality vanishes.
The mass may not differ from factual Personal.
They succumb easily suggestions, their effect of hypnosis is similar, and is hysterical; it is easy to steer.
Therefore, it is also susceptible to legends that deal with most heroic leaders and events.
The opinion in the mass is carried out by mental contagion.
Intelligence, emotion and bias:
The mass is only slightly intelligent.
She thinks one side rough and undifferentiated in both good and evil.
The mass does not think logically but in images, which are often caused by simple voice symbolism.
The mass is easily excitable, gullible and erratic. Your emotion is simple.
Judgments, actions and beliefs of the mass:
The ground is very conservative in general.
The mass can not be convinced by logical arguments, but only emotional.
The mass is sometimes disinterested, possibly also virtuous or heroic, then often in the exuberance.
The mass is intolerant and domineering.
You can be very cruel, far beyond the individuals Possible addition, and is given suitable guidance willing to revolutions.
The core beliefs of the mass change only very slowly.
The moral judgments of a mass independent of the origin or the intellect of its members.
The mass judging by hasty generalization of individual cases.
Your beliefs quickly take on religious overtones and often based on wishful thinking.
Leader of masses:
Guides and ideas are rapidly charismatic properties (Nimbus or “prestige”).
Without a guide, the composition is as a flock without a shepherd.
Leaders are not thinkers, but men of action, occasionally one finds among them nervous, irritable and half crazy.
Leaders often act through a great eloquence. Great leaders can awaken a faith and thus control entire nations.
Guide rule is usually violently.
There are two types of leaders: effective short-term and long-term. That depends on the perseverance of her will.
Leaders act primarily through three methods: assertion, repetition and contagion and transmission, whose best-known effect is the imitation.
If a leader does not work, it quickly loses its aura and goes under.

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