The Hidden Biases in WEIRD Psychology Research

The Hidden Biases in WEIRD Psychology Research

Psychology studies can be really skewed by the WEIRD population (western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic). Why does this hidden bias exist?

Hosted by: Brit Garner

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October 26, 2017 / 31 Comments / by / in
  • Western basically means “white” as well lol

  • it is not stop lying to yourself xD

  • You're so pretty <3

  • The sweater’s nice, but too distracting!

  • 3:52 * number of names for colours

  • You say uneducated, I say un brainwashed.

  • 4k or at least 1440 please like if you agree

  • so roughly 46% of the subject of all studies from the last 20 years are undergraduate American? Wow!

  • I would think that humans would usually be psychological outliers in some area, just because of how complex we are. Each person is just too large a sample size.

    Maybe some of the most visible outliers get hammered out by social conformism.

  • What an ugly sweater
    Oh. And I can't stand the way you say important

  • Does the guy from the Infographics Show do you all’s graphics?? The people at 2:00 look like his graphics.

  • This video sparked my little American brain! ⚡️ I'm glad you're encouraging seeking out different perspectives because it's true how Americans are extremely egocentric. 😅

  • This episode is racist…. I don't know how.. but it is


  • Loving your sweater!

  • How is "behind" or "above" different from "left" or "right"?

    You can say the refrigerator is to the left of the stove…
    (Which is relative to the wall and the direction the appliances are facing)
    Or you could say the ceiling fan is above me…the couch is behind me….
    (Which is relative to the speaker)

    Using those words themselves really has no bearing on the perspective.

    And Western, or American, people dont tend to use cardinal directions too much (aside from driving directions) because we simply dont know which way our house and other places are even oriented. Our modern culture basically makes that pointless knowledge.
    We use GPS for one…and also…very little about our society (besides roads) is based on cardinal directions.
    In more primitive societies the houses, villages, etc. are likely to be laid out with cardinal directions in mind…since they dont have electric lighting and air conditioning.

    Not using cardinal directions in our society isnt the result of ego…its the result of practicality.
    When it is practical for us…we use them.

    Before Americans had electric lighting, air conditioning, GPS, etc. they too referred to cardinal directions far more often.

    Not because they were less egocentric…but because it was a useful way of communicating at that time…and now it isnt.

    Why would i tell someone my bathroom is on the south side of my house…when they dont know which direction they are oriented?
    I would tell them its straight ahead, or to the left, etc…based on where we are standing and facing.

  • That's a weird acronym

  • Perhaps "flavors" wasn't the best word to describe the diversity of people.

  • How often did you left somethin behind ,
    to do the right thing, felt above everyone,
    but from there on, everything went south

  • I am totally biased, and no amount of evidence to the contrary will change my mind about that!

  • I need that harry potter sweater so bad

  • SciShow Psych is the epitome of WEIRD by what i just learned here…as am I

  • I like this host

  • Funny how you managed to not mention sociology, since it ties in so closely with this area of psychology.

  • As a westerner living in India I have been befuddled by how many Indian people have a poor grasp of 'left' and 'right'. Every day people around me get this basic function confused, no matter their social or economic standing.

    It never occurred to me that it may have come from a sense of self.

    Getting directions from an Indian is often an exercise in frustration and confusion.

  • Brit is a very nice flavor of human.

  • I need your sweater!

  • fat and pink

  • D B

    This problem goes beyond Psychology. Most medical research is done with the WEIRD and the result may not work too well on nonwhites. Africa and the Middle East seriously need to start contributing to the scientific community and body of knowledge.

  • HAH! Undergrads? Rich? HAH I tell you!

  • I heard many people wipe while standing up.

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