The difference between classical and operant conditioning – Peggy Andover

The difference between classical and operant conditioning – Peggy Andover

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Why is it that humans react to stimuli with certain behaviors? Can behaviors change in response to consequences? Peggy Andover explains how the brain can associate unrelated stimuli and responses, proved by Ivan Pavlov’s famous 1890 experiments, and how reinforcement and punishment can result in changed behavior.

Lesson by Peggy Andover, animation by Alan Foreman.


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  • When I was 8 yrs old my new Teacher saw that I was doing poorly in the class spelling tests (I was the worst), so he got me to stay in with him when the play time (or lunch time?) bell went in order to test my reading. It must have been terrible (I don't even remember being taught to read or spell properly before that time; maybe I was busy day dreaming all the time, as I tended to do, and the previous teachers missed me amongst all the other kids?) Well, my teacher must of thought up a plan after that first private meeting with me because next time we met he had a stack of these small, white, rectangle cards with single words hand written on each one, one word I always remember is CHILDREN. We sat down and he proceeded to break each word down to its letters and syllables by sounding/reading them out to me and then he made me repeat them back to him. Once I got the hang of it after a while, he would just show me a card and I would break down and reconstruct the words myself. But then to my surprise and joy, every time I got a word right he would reward me with a single Pebble (Some countries call them Smarties, they're like M&Ms) and I would eat it, haha. Well after the first session with my teacher he gave me a set of new word cards and told me to take them home with me and learn them by myself so next time we met he would test me again and if I got them right he would reward me again with some yummy, colourful Pebbles.
    We played this game over a number of weeks until I could read and spell properly. Gee I was so simple back then, but I always remember that teacher with fond memories, he taught me to read and write. (There is a part two to this story of my awkward education but this time it has to do with Mathematics and a whole different kind of Teacher and therefore different outcome. I'll write it when I get the time.)

  • so the intro of the TED-Ed's is also a conditioned stimulus for knowing that now there comes an informative and entertaining video. 🙂

  • The original experiment on dogs and children was a lot little less pleasant.

  • I liked the conditioning.

    USSR is not the enemy.

  • This was great.

  • Well explained! Thank you!

  • i also made a classical conditioning video. check it out and give me some critic on what i can fix thx

  • Brilliant video.

  • Lol @ the communist propaganda style.Its based on the fact that these theories were made by Pavlov who was stuck in the Soviet Union at the time.

  • this is just so cool…pls how do i get to download materials like these

  • helpful video. thx

  • Ari

    great video but you forgot to explain about positive and negative punishment

  • I really like this animation style, is there a specific name for this style apart from USSR propaganda?

  • good intro video however you didnt explain the negative reinforcement part… as well as the positive & negative punishment….

  • you have NO idea how much this helped! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Once a woman was talking about this, that our brain runs on some kind of programms, that were created by previous experience, like for example in our school education system (slovakia) is put pressure on kid that you have to be good in everything, math, PE, chemistry, and when not you are shamed and felt like it's something wrong with you, and then later in life you are too strong on yourself….so I think this can apply on much broad and complex level

  • What's with the constructivism style?

  • If you remove homework – it's a negative punisher. I guess they want less completed homework from their kids.

  • thanks for the video

  • would you kindly…

  • P H

    Trick question: if this video reminds you of communist propaganda was it positive or negative reinforcement or positive or negative punishment? What is the stimulus?

  • psychology test in half an hour
    please save me

  • Nrever do ur hw hi

  • dog example, what's conditioned response?

    shot example, what's unconditioned response?

  • She sounds a bit like GLaDOS at 1.5x speed

  • This looks and feels like USSR propaganda lol

  • Fix the Audio

  • am I strange, as the first picture that hits my mind for the word learning is travelling on foot?

  • very nice

  • Hey it's free, fill in the ad lib moments and how this theory is twisted to repress and control society. It might be old fashioned but it sends very important messages given the political climate and extent of poverty.

  • Terrible audio.

  • Hi Peggy Andover
    impressive shit yo
    Killin the game


  • Whу Big РРРhаrma hаte this memоoоryуу bоosting ‘triсcссk’

  • The sound of her mouth makes me wanna scream. Quit smacking and hyperventilating and just say your bit.

  • Xq ponen el titulo en español!!! Si el video esta todo en ingles!!

  • Ran out of the room screaming killed me!

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