The Criminal Mind: The relationships between criminology and psychology – Professor Gwen Adshead

The Criminal Mind: The relationships between criminology and psychology – Professor Gwen Adshead

Professor Gwen Adshead explores violence, offenders and the criminal personality through the perspective of psychology and psychiatry

A discussion of how the study of psychology and psychiatry relates to the study of criminology. Historically criminals have been defined as a group who are seen as “other” to non-criminals. However, modern thinking has moved away from this with developments in the psychology of criminal rule-breaking and discussions of how individual psychology can assist the understanding of criminal rule-breaking and risk; including approaches to rehabilitation and behavioural change. Professor Adshead suggests that these different discourses have much to offer one another.

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  • Excellent, thanks.

  • Anyone can suffer from a brief lack of self control at some point and commit a crime, lots never get caught, many are smart and have the resources to cover & hide their offending, it's the poor & mentally challenged that end up prison statistics because they cant afford a good defence. Money often buys justice.

  • Another worthy lecture and I thank the professor for her attention to the wider implications of sociality and authority.

    And a few apropos thoughts:

    Successful folks with supra-societal intentions are often able to place themselves in situations of control where their crimes appear (both superficially and, to the extent of their ability, legally) to be nothing more than ordinary reactions to extraordinary stimuli. Abusive Bosses, racist judges, objectifiers of every stripe (Rush Limbaugh comes to mind, though "rabble rousers" are exceptionally prevalent in places where mass media news organizations are not held to the highest ethical and moral standards), and "Hawkish" politicians, fall (or willingly insert themselves) into this category quite regularly, if they are high born.

    I would love to see all applicants for public office and law enforcement administration be made to undergo the same psychological evaluation they prescribe for offenders and abusers of the public trust. Uneven application of standards is a large part of the problem of defining what is criminal and in what situation criminal activity deserves sanctioned opprobrium. In the USA, our electoral college should be carefully scrutinized for aberrant tendencies . . . but you won't see that happen any time soon, because these are "made men" who are expected to be loyal first, and objective in afterthought (and in private).

    Beyond this, our press, our mass media organs, in my opinion, are actively attempting to keep prisons filled with "offenders", just like Hitler's press did, with gross misrepresentation of issues, uneven quantification of ideals, and highly subjective reasoning. It seems to me that the owners of said sources are either embracing psychopathy and sociopathy as goals, or, perhaps, merely obeying the dictates of the folks I point out in my first paragraph.

  • I understand what you are trying to say. I disagree with 70% . Your intentions are noble. the thing here is everyone is equally guilty if a crime Is a crime. like a sin is a sin. the study here is based upon a very few that were caught. mostly lower income people. study a community that doesn't " brake the law" rich to middle class as intense as you have studied lower income people.

  • I disagree. out dated train of thought. numbers are off on domestic violence. very bias view points.

  • Why a crucifix in her cleavage?

  • ''Property is theft.'' Australia was stolen via genocide from Aboriginals who suffered hunger and thirst when displaced from their land and then murdered if they protested. A final solution style death camp was prima facie operated on Rottnest Island, WA. Even now Aboriginals suffer high incarceration rates and possibly murdered in jail called ''Black Deaths in Custody.'' Abuse in Don Dale juvenile detention facility recently uncovered and their is now a Royal Commission. Many Aboriginal skulls were taken from murder victims and sent to London.

  • It may be the boys lacked role models.

  • USA will not sign Rome Statute allowing ICC prosecution of USA for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Corbyn wants to prosecute Blair for war crimes in Iraq.

  • NSW Gov. Bourke reinforced genocide of Aboriginals by not allowing them to sell their land to Batman (sic) in Melbourne by declaring their land to be Crown Land.

  • Leading NSW ALP power-broker Obeid MLC has a few days ago been found guilty of misconduct in office and been sentenced to four years imprisonment.

  • NSW Liberal gov is punishing ICAC for successfully pursuing high-level politicians and their property developer business partners by increasing the ICAC commissioners from one to three. The present ICAC commissioner Ms. Latham has unfortunately resigned under pressure from the cabal of criminals in NSW Parliament.

  • Notice to NSW Parliament – We the people love ICAC.

  • Let's talk about count one and two of the Nuremberg indictment – 1. Conspiracy to wage aggressive war and
    2. Waging aggressive war. All else is a distraction.

  • I enjoyed this video and found it very informative. Thank you.

  • Criminology and Penology Vintage Book 📚

  • Please suggest some book on this topic….The Criminal Mind: The relationships between criminology and psychology ….
    Do you know about the Indian ruling class as Brahmins are criminal …???

  • Informative!!!

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