The Body Language Documentary

The Body Language Documentary

interesting psychology documentary on how our body reveals our real intention.. learning how to control it is a powerful skill..


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  • AFTER watching this I realise body language is not an exact science if a science at all

  • They start with an inaccurate premise that communication is 7 % words, when the actual study that came up with these statistics was related to measuring communication of a highly emotive nature

  • The ridiculous amount of ads makes this not even worth watching

  • 20 plus adds??? ridiculous

  • ads every fucking minutes. wtf

  • Autism Intensifies

  • you can get whiter teeth in 5 days

  • what a stupidity 😀

    These days every bullshit theory is called "psychology"., Even most psude-scientific crap 😀 At beginning woman says 93% is body language. We focus on words when in fact we should focus on body language… OH REALLY 😀 😀 😀

    that is such a stupidity. First of all, words tell much more than only 7% . And WHO THE HELL does these "calculations"? 😀 How do you calculate how much percentage of message is movement, voice, word etc. and put that percentage on all humanity as definitive guide 😀 My goodness, how dumb can we get?

  • That's just an obscene amount of ads!!

  • defintely reaching on multiple occurrences

  • Pretty good video, too many ads makes for distraction.

  • 32 ads in this.. Stop yourself you Fucking shit nugget.

  • ads ads ads fuckoff

  • Every time I talk to my boss he folds his arms in front of me. I think he is being defensive and insecure.

  • people who are complaining that this is too much reading: I think that many of it is true but probably unintentional. this documentary would make more sense to a cartoonist or a caricaturist, since he understands/notices these gestures more than regular people

  • To be a good salesperson, all you really need is decent confidence, the ability to establish with rapport with a variety of people and then the belief that you're providing a good product/service at a reasonable price.

  • too many commercials. literally every 5 minutes.

  • Overall, I enjoyed this documentary, as someone who is interested in the deeper forms of communication, that are often unacknowledged. At certain parts, I feel the documentary built opinions on hunches and assumptions, but it was worth the watch because it does reveal valuable things to look for in the communication process. This documentary helped me realize how much I read body language when personally training my clients in the gym.

  • Just who are these experts? Trash.

  • Lie to me used most of those videos

  • not enough ads on this video

  • So basically everything I figured I already knew about human nature is probably spot on cool lol

  • Fuck this uploaded and all their ads. Greedy ass motherfucker.

  • T D

    Question; why did they not analyze Obama for signs of deception like they did almost all the others? I think that's the most interesting aspect of body language experts…the supposed ability to discern truth from a lie.

  • "Great leaders" arguing over who goes through the door first. Grown men.

  • to be fair the 2 chicks buying the cars the old man was probly overwhelmed by their beauty

  • I'm surprised you have any subs. Think you have enuff commercials? Get a real job!

  • trying to watch this interesting doc, but i gave up. too many ads, so i give my own body language – a middle finger, raised.

  • Lmaoo we got that because of Nixon??

  • Very interesting! I'm going to try and see how many of these signals I can notice when I'm out and about.

  • Normal people touch another around the shoulder when walking and talking. If you're buds. They read into this too much. Too many fucking ads.


  • Isn't most of this pretty obvious. Was like of hoping for more insight.

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