The Biggest Psychology News Stories of 2016

The Biggest Psychology News Stories of 2016

From Pokémon, to fMRI, to the relationship between masculine norms and mental health, 2016 left us with some interesting psych news to ponder.

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Hosted by: Hank Green
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Sexism and mental health:



January 6, 2017 / 46 Comments / by / in
  • That meta-analysis. Oh man, there's lot's of problems with that one. Self-reliant is sexist nowadays, it seems. And so is promiscuity. It's good at least, that it highlights the need of further studies on the subject. Perhaps that's the only good thing about it.

  • I would like to read more about the masculinity meta-analysis. as a Marine Corps veteran and some of the life changing events that I have gone through over the last 10 years it makes me want to hear more. as an individual who has a very alpha male mindset and continues to not seek Mental Health Services , I am curious of what some of their findings are showing.

  • Sexual promiscuity relates with mental health?
    Checkmate chads

  • I would call those negative attitudes they call out as symptoms of mental illness, not the other way around.

  • Really strange background noise in this video.

  • I mean if you're a misogynist you're probably in a bad mood because you care more or have more conflicting opinions. it would make sense that it'd have negative effects on your mood when you're being an a hole.

  • So the feminist theory of Toxic Masculinity has been proven? The idea that dangerous male stereotypes negatively affect men. Thats actually pretty cool. Im glad there is now a study you can cite when talking about that!

  • Psychology isn't REAL science…

  • thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid and i hope you have kati morton on the psychology videos i loved this a lot

  • butt hurt guys lol

  • Oooh a psychology related scishow?! I hope it'll help me prepare for the AP Psych exam

  • I love how all the whining about the meta-analysis appears to be driven by the feeling that the study drew broad conclusions it actually didn't. People are fixating on the "traditional" association of certain norms to genders, and completely disregarding the fact that, at the end of the day, agreement with questionnaire items such as "Women should be subservient to men", "I love it when men are in charge of women", or "Things tend to be better when men are in charge" was found to be predictive of negative mental health outcomes in a large sample. How widely applicable those norms are to men is really not that important. How adherence to them affects men's mental health is.

  • Mental health is just what society thinks how you should behave at this moment in history. And historically we proved that there is no one right way, over and over again. So fuck you society, im not a fucking wheel in a machine.

  • To understand why the meta analysis wasn't all the great check out Teal Dear's (Tl; Dr) video on it and honeybadger radio's debate "sexist men be crazy".

  • This was the most shitty cherrypicking liberal shit I have seen SciShow, please do not make more of these pseudo-science videos, its just as bad of those research that say black people have a lower average IQ, and if you want to make your pseudo-science fact then others pseudo-science is also "fact".

  • What a coincidence: putting work first is not mental health issue.

  • all that 2016 has shown me is that there are way more psychoses than i would've ever guess and that most of them are governmentally legalized and protected

  • Pokemon Go Uninstalled because I choosed root phone over Pokemon go

  • That list of "masculine norms" looks to be from the Conformity to Masculine Norms Index. The CMNI seems to be rather biased. TL;DR did video on it's development. One can also simply read up on the CMNI's creation to see how biased it is.

    edit: typos

  • what actually is a flame?

  • I'm seeing a lot of desire to win and dominance seeking but pretty much no emotional control in the comments.

  • jebi se u guzicu sa seksiszom liberasu

  • "Placing value on being self-reliant can be alienating"? Maybe that's what's wrong with so many young people today.

  • And the biggest psychology news of 2016 that Hank became biggest piece of shit on scientific side of YouTube.

  • psyched for sci show psych! 😉

  • What about the feminazis trying too hard to be strong and independent? Do they tend to be healthier and live longer?

  • I think it was mostly uninstalled because Pokémon Go is fundamentally flawed and a bad game.

  • are u related to ian idubbbz, hank?

  • I'm glad to be a top psychologist still in HS 🙂

  • Starting to really hate liberals…

  • goood


  • I quit Pokemon Go because Google didn't reach out to the community – and it wasn't even obvious that it wasn't Nintendo. Plus, knowing Google made it, they really did a crappy job with some of the mechanics of the game. And, for the other 2 topics I just wish we passed laws which state only replicated studies, executed by scientists independent from the original experiment, can be published to the public.

  • I've been an enthusiastic follower of scientific advancement for almost my entire life, but I absolutely refuse to believe that sexual promiscuity, having instinctual urges to reproduce, is a sign for poor mental health. There is not one person on earth that can convince me that me wanting to impregnate every attractive woman I see is a sign that I have a bad brain, you can fuck right off with that one.

  • Wow, what militant joke of a feminist group funded that last "study?"

  • Being male. It's only wrong when white men do it.

  • This comment section is usually pretty cool. But you post a video with the word sexist and masculine in it, and people hear whatever rage-inducing thing they wanna hear…. I'll agree that this study sounded fishy to me, too–like they were looking to be proven right instead of really curious about the answer. However, its conclusion was, I think, well-intended. (or, at least, SciShow's interpretation of it is).

    Basically, if a man believes he has to fit in this certain (unrealistic) rigid type, he will be unhappy because no one perfectly fits into ANY socially-imposed role. There is no "man's man." Men should just be themselves, and then they will be happier. Ergo, sexism=bad because it makes EVERYBODY feel trapped or scared to figure out their identity for themselves for fear of stigma. So, chill out, guys, and listen to the words coming out of his mouth.

  • "scientists are working to get a better understanding of the human mind." True but psychology is the study of behaviour, brain included and nonhuman animals too. "Mind" is an abstraction, hard to define or measure.

  • Most of those male norms could be applied to Leftist men and half of all women. The study's findings seem…off…

  • Is SciShow Psych out yet? I'm a psychology doc student, so you know, this is my ish.For sure don't want to miss out on it.

  • People quit playing it because they broke the tracking system and didn't even try to address it for months. Replacing it with something silly and biased didn't help.

  • 5:23
    Even with those weaknesses, it won't stop feminists from spreading propaganda that 'masculinity' is 'toxic' as though the headlines that they read about this paper are the gospel without actually doing the slightest bit of research into the study itself.

  • 2:32 he sounded like a robot

  • Summary: Psychology is still fake science.

  • Instead of studying why Pokémon go WAS so popular… try studying why angry birds IS STILL so popular!!!! Good god!!! Angry birds do this!!! Angry birds do that!!!! Angry birds go to the bathroom!!!! Angry birds make a baby!!!! A billion spin off games from a stupid sling shot game!!!!! Study that!!! Not some flash in the pan mini game!!!!!

  • No,

    All I use my phone for is porn

    and directions

    so porn.

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