The Big Bang Theory – Raj’s Psychological Issues

The Big Bang Theory – Raj’s Psychological Issues

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Video Description:

Part of my AP Psychology presentation from 2012. Raj has a psychological issue that halts him from talking to women and apparently needs to be under alcoholic influence and/or anxiety relieving medicine in order to do so, but it seems that placebos work as well.

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June 6, 2012 / 49 Comments / by / in
  • You cut out the best part with missy when he walked back and looked at the newsboard !!

  • 3:25 she looks like she is about to give him a blowjob

  • I've always wondered how Raj wasn't arrested after stripping in the restaurant… or any of these messes for that matter. If I ever did any of that idiotic stuff in real life, I'd be unemployed and in jail in the blink of the eye.

  • what's up with the funny moments in this episode.

  • Liquid courage. Anyone? no? ok…

  • this is funny

  • Sheldon is such a sweetheart 🙂

  • I am here for onserving

  • Ta da!

  • 2:11 isn't she the fly lady from Everybody loves Raymond

  • Just one gulp of alcohol did the trick? Seriously?

  • let this be a lesson to all of you: never test experimental drugs in public

  • he needs to come out of his shell

  • Just one person's opinion. Raj's main problem is that he fears rejection from women so much he submits almost entirely to show to women that he is not a threat. He just needs to tell himself that most of that fear is in his head. With more practice talking to strangers he would develop more confidence. Over time even be able to talk to an attractive woman without submitting (i.e becoming a mute around women).

    I am an introvert like Raj. I have a handful of really good friends. I only let in very few people that I trust into my life. Sometimes I like to interact with strangers. I went to the pub in a very nice part of town where everyone likes to take a picture in front of a bridge and post it online. Everybody there was very attractive and well dressed mid-twenties people. I noticed four very attractive ladies sitting on stools. Eventually I went up to them and started talking to them. I asked one of them if she wanted to take a picture in front of the bridge. She motioned to her friends saying, "yes we should." As she did that I noticed the engagement ring. So, I made eye contact with the next beautiful woman sitting next to the one I asked the request to take the pic with. You see what just happened there? The engaged one reinforced my request making the others wanna do the task as well. I saw an opportunity and I took it. She asked me, "Why do you ask?" She making sure I wasn't a creep. I just said it was a spur of the moment type of thing and that it is more fun to take a picture with people. I think that she was impressed by me asking the group to take a picture with them. We took the picture and after words I told the attractive one, "You know that this was an attempt so that I could talk to you." I tried to get the attractive one's number, but she claimed that she was already in a relationship.

    I tried and attempted to be social. I did not succeed, but at least that was one opportunity to interact with some new people and not wonder, "What if?"

    Like Raj maybe I just flat out do not know how to talk to women. But, with more practice I will get better.

  • are the placebos for real? other than that train episode (the one where the boys meet Summer Glau) is there any other instances from the show where the placebos seem to work?

  • I really can't understand why this show is such a huge hit. WHY are so many people watching this?? I can understand that "nerds" find this show hilarious. I am sure they love a lot of references and physics' and math laws and humor etc., coz they recognise them.
    But WHY?? do other people / the mainstream like this show?? It is often VERY!! annoying. Like i said "nerd" humor. I just sometimes wanna "punch" these guys (or throw my TV out of the window) simply coz its (very often) not funny, just annoying.
    Especially Sheldon. He's not a hero, he just irritates me so much, i don't care if he is acting.

    Is it because there are not many other good sitcoms on tv right now?? So people just watch anything??
    I can't believe these guys are making millions with such a shitty / annoying show.

    And plz don't say coz they are so nerdy it is funny. It is really not. Yes, maybe for a certain (niche) audience. And maybe for like a / one movie or something it could be a bit interesting (like Revenge of the Nerds).

    But this is going on for 10 whole !! seasons (= ten years!), and might go on even longer.

    Also, no i am not a low educated person. I should "fit in" their target group (i guess).

    Maybe people think that if they watch this show, other people think they are somewhat intelligent?? Could this be another reason??

    All i can say for myself is, this show irritates me like no other sitcom has,
    and i can't believe it gets the ratings it gets.

  • 2:58 that's why you shouldn't do drugs.


  • 2:50 is that Whitney Avalon?

  • damn…. all of those women are HOTTT!

  • story of my life (minus the alcohol)

  • Lol Sheldon just stood there when Raj got naked

  • Try not to laugh at 2:59 YOU WILL FAIL MISERABLY EVERY TIME!!!

  • Hey, isn't that the guy who sells Chandler the ring in "Friends"?

  • Raj is my fav character

  • is the waitress whitney avalon??

  • he could go to jail for indecent public exposure

  • "A complaint has been filed."

  • Elizabeth Gobosh and Tiffany Dupont. Both gorgeous.

  • what's the name of the actress who plays Emily? Damn….I don't usually find redheads sexy, but damn!

  • Sheldon's face at 3:25

  • I may be wrong on this but wouldn't you cook the alcohol out in a rum cake?

  • He hits he liqour bottle gain – around women

  • 1 alcohol is the ticket, 2 is too much 😀

  • He used to be soo funny, now he just sucks

  • One glass of Sherry and he's comfortable. Two and he's no longer fit for the public.

  • lol 3:28 dude bottom left waves back

  • Is that Whitney Avalon? Princess rap battles?

  • I don't really watch this show but whats wrong with raj and these woman.

  • 3:26, Sheldon in the back loved it, obviously lol

  • " Forgive me for starring but You are looking very beautiful". Best line Ever.

  • I miss when he has these issues


  • bless me bye

  • Man Raj needs to man up and grow a pair >:-/

  • They're trying to make smart sexy

  • Whts her name so beauty

  • 0:05 That was the same man who sold to Chandler Monica's ring.

  • 3:29 all the people in the coffee shop are puppets

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