TEDxObserver – Peter Lovatt – Psychologist and dancer

TEDxObserver – Peter Lovatt – Psychologist and dancer

Dance and the mind
Peter is a reader in psychology and principle lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, but his first love was dance. Before entering academia, he trained at the Guildford School of Acting and the Cecchetti Ballet, and worked as a professional dancer. Later, he went to study psychology and computational neuroscience and in 2008, he set up the first Dance Psychology Lab. This has enabled him to combine his twin passions of dance and psychology and, through experimental work, to explore the ways in which dance, and different types of dance, can affect the brain. His most recent work, and the subject of his talk, has involved investigating the effects of dance on people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Dr Peter Lovatt’s talk at TEDxObserver (http://www.guardian.co.uk/tedx) 2010 was cited by many in the audience as one of their highlights of the day.

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  • This would also apply to many martial arts as they are physical social and cognitive as well.

  • Peter (Dr Dance) just brings a total smile to my face.

  • the camera man put those guys not dancing on blast… hahaha!

  • We did this today as part of a psychology conference, it was amazing there was 900 of us in the hall, he must feel so pleased getting everyone to dance all the time. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!

  • BRAVO!!!

  • Really interesting stuff, and great to see people moving at a TEDTalk 🙂

  • Why do we dance? I'd add "how"? I have dance as a complete blindspot.(my second largest, I think) physically and psychologically both.
    Comes with my autism?

    V. Interesting talk. Socialising Dance bit left me totally alienated

  • as a person that has always felt uncomfortable at the idea of dancing, Feeling depressed at my ineptitude in this subject at worst and just usually disgusted I find it's psychology very interesting

  • Love this just brilliant,and so true, we are at Zumba a few times a week and so many people say it's helps with depression moodiness etc aswell as the obvious fitness and weight loss benefits

  • Fantastic! Inspiration. 🙂

  • vibrations and rhythm – a balance

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