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p.s don’t take your results too seriously! It’s probably all wrong.


September 14, 2017 / 33 Comments / by / in
  • i get beaten up by my panda sized problems

  • I saw an ant and blew it away.


  • So what does it mean if you're animal gave you something???

  • Literally just staring at my deer sized problems waiting for them to go away by themselves, that is actually spot on

  • Do the bucket in the desert test!! Me and my friends took it and its scarily accurate 😮😮

  • 1. Park Jimin
    2. Koala
    3. it chases me
    4. HUGE
    5. no fence
    6. bananas & fruit, set up Escape The Night style
    7. foam cup
    8. i drank out of it
    9. lake/pond
    10. i swam through it


  • is it sad that the "most important person in my life" was my dog

  • I thought of a grizzly bear… WhAt Do ThE CuRtAiNs MeAn!?!/1/?1/?1/1/1?/11////?!11????!?!?!?

  • I climbed my elephant of problems along with Shane Dawson

  • Of the answer #2 I had a lizard beast that licked me hand.

  • i'm sorry but if i drank from the cup whAT DOES THAT MEAN IM SO CONFLICTUATED

  • holy crapu two videos in two weeks guys the world is ending

  • my dad. I see a fox. I whoud say hi. there is a really big tree house. there is nothing. a modern dining table with cake and plants. mettle. huge it. river. a bridge.

  • My ansers:
    My friend
    It attcks me
    Small but two story's
    Braek it
    Salt water/ ocean
    A boat

  • My animal was a golden retriever and we were having a stair down

  • the only accurate answers I gave were that the table was glass and had nothing on it, and that I tripped into the water and died. so, I'm extremely depressed and mentally I'll and easy to manipulate 🙂

  • i was with my doggg

  • So I was watching through the woods with Ryan Ross and an elephant attacked him. What does that mean 😂

  • I said I would walk around the whole lake and not get wet! Lol who needs love

  • I looked at my problems and they hopped away

  • I answered some "wrong," but I had the following: Jesus, a squirrel, the squirrel pooped, big, a fence, a table runner, a plastic cup, I hit the cup, salt water, and a boat. So, um, yeah, I don't know.

  • 1. David schwimmer
    2. Flamingo
    3. Pet it
    4. Just like… I just thought of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    5. No
    6. The stuff from beauty and the beast
    7. Porcelain
    8. Kick it
    9. Lake
    10. Don't

    I guess I'm kicking David Schwimmer. I don't even really like him that much. Take that Dave.

  • I walk around my love life oh…

  • 1. Myself
    2. Squirrel
    3. I stare at it.
    4. Medium sized dream house.
    5. Fence
    6. The dining table is all set, there is a tall flower pot next to the window and a cabinet full of plates next to the wall.
    7. glass cup.
    8. I drink from it.
    9. River.
    10. Go through it.

  • where can I get that shirt its the BEST thing I'v ever seen

  • Phil desvers more views and subs!

  • 1. Phil Lester
    2. fox
    3. death
    4. HUGE (why?)
    5.yes fence
    6. on the table is a red cloth and chairs
    7. plastic
    8. drink out of it
    9. lake
    10. take a boat

  • As for mine, my important person was my sister, I have corgi sized problems, and I make NO interaction with it at all. I imagined a 2 story house. A nice white one by the sea with a little backing and nice green grass. No fence. No food flowers or people, just a little twig looking thing. The cup material was glass. Fragile.
    I crossed an ocean with a jet ski getting not one drop of water on me.

    oh my josh it was so accurate

  • Well,, I had food at the table but there was a dog party going on in my mind,, do dogs count as people in this context what does this mean

  • My problems are as big as a tiger and my friend is the most important person in my life…

  • Wow, I got the most amazing book ad before this video 😂

  • This thinking of the outdoors is the closes thing im gonna get to the real thing.

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