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Filmed and Edited by Dillon Jakovac


October 2, 2017 / 11 Comments / by / in
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  • I am very very frustrated that you don't have more subs. I know it's not all about how much subs there are, but that the channel is growing. But it's climbing to slow. It's pretty tough being at the point, where you are at right now. I just want other people, a lot more people, to see this greatness. Incredible content and information and i think everybody who watches you or knows you, loves you and your personality. Dillan also making this possible with the great presentation! Keep it up guys, i love every bit you're giving us. Also greetings from Germany

  • that's awesome! I'm 5days out from Polish Nationals, so perfect timing, thanks 😀

  • Can you talk about when to attend first meet?

  • For a calmer pre-lift routine, would there be any benefit of using ammonia? It seems like that could be counter productive.

  • I actually just finished your free program and I must say, I thought it was a very well thought out program and actually made some really good progress over the course of 8 weeks. I actually set my training maxes around 87.5% but regardless ended up putting 125lbs on to my total by the end! Thanks again Bryce for the great content! 😎🤘

  • Q: How to get back into training after tapering and peaking after a meet?

  • Great series Bryce, will definitely help a lot of people!

  • Interesting. I didn't know how scoring worked when there was an absolute tie. 👍🏾

  • What about post-competition tips? some people want to go straight to heavy lifting and some get the blues.

  • Fantastic video and series, Bryce! As someone who has never competed but is planning to this was very informative and easy to understand. Hands down one of the best powerlifting channels out there, keep up the great work 🙂

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