Supermarket Psychology

Supermarket Psychology

Dr Paul Harrison, from Deakin University, talks to Peter Rowsthorne about some of the tricks used by marketers in the retail trade. For more info go to


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  • interesting video, don't like the way that 'methods' are coined as 'tricks' though. not all marketers are evil

  • marketers are evil?,or is it just that it plays on our already built in evils.The media especially tabloids like to distort the truth and destroy individuals but "innocent" people pick them up and read em and fuel it,because they get a thrill out of it,whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

  • i work at a grocery store…every ounce of this video is correct…baby food is furthest from the entrance at my store.

  • that's why the bread and milk are in the back of the store cuz you have to find them you'll get lost and buy stuff I'm serious

  • and as a word of advice don't go shopping in a walmart out of town you'll get lost and instead of coming out with just bread you'll come out with a garden hose diapers spray cheese and no bread

  • @dreambrother37 the truth often is

  • I bet these types of studies are the most accurate and free of bias because they involve making MONEY! Thus, when someone vehemently disagrees with this, I think their FOS! At least if they think they are completely unaffected.

  • Actully its easy to resisit

    1) You make a budget and stick with it no matter what.
    2) Just so you know fruits and vegetables are the less fresh products in a supermarket so find a market of fruits and vegetables ONLY
    3)Check the deals through internet and then check what you REALLY need
    4)Make a Food Storage!!!!
    6) You don't have to take a young child along on super market shopping trip!!!
    7) Take no more than 15-20 euros need vs want

  • @transduct1on sadly he is like most psychologists most don't care about help they care about money, iam in the same field i have seen it

  • They couldn't keep up with me, I look at everything in my feild of vision.

  • Humans are notorious for watching and repeating said behavior. When you add that to messages intended for the subconsious mind we are sitting ducks for intrusion.

  • The best way is to know how much you want to spend and firstly buy what you necessarily need

  • @dreambrother37 ofcourse they're not!

  • But it's true…

  • Don't shop while you are hungry? That's like saying don't beat off when you are horny.

  • The shopping carts have swiveling wheels on the front and the back… woah

  • Duhhh…they're in business to SELL food!

  • Yeah shop with a list, at stores you're familiar with, and eat before you go. When I shop hungry without a list I spend 2-3xs more.

  • i already knew most of these stuff before. and i'm not a psych major. it's pretty easy if you just think about it.

  • Just buy what you went in there for.

  • You don't spend your hard earned money in a supermarket, you put them in the bank !!

  • Basically always shop on a full stomach then regret later you didn't buy anything

  • What if you stress out yourself?

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