Supermarket Psychology – Entrances, layout and shelving

Supermarket Psychology – Entrances, layout and shelving

In this excerpt from the SBS series, Food Investigators, Dr Paul Harrison from Deakin University discusses with host Renee Lim how supermarket management use a sophisticated understanding of psychology and sociology to manipulate the supermarket environment to persuade us to enter, stay and buy. For more information go to and


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  • very good content… where has this been taken? it's interesting how this integrates with the actual fixtures of shelving like at CAEM

  • someone can write all dialogue? pls help guys i need some tricks for my presentation about marketing strategy ^^

  • Maybe, but also the milk has to stay cold and be replenished. The store can't keep a bunch of milk crates in the center of the store and it would be really inconvenient to push a bunch of heavy milk crates around the store on a pallet jack.

  • Ever lose someone at a supermarket who wandered off on his own? Talk about THAT psychology.

  • I also learned this on my high school and college years in a Mktg and Business subject. But some groceries sometimes change the arrangement or rearranging products in a week.

  • yemum

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