Structuralism – Psychology

Structuralism – Psychology

A video project I did for Psychology. Took me a day to finish it.
Also, Sorry for not uploading tutorials!! I got caught up w school projects and Im still in the process of adjusting my schedule.

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  • You're so talented. I wonder how do you make this kind of video? 🙂

  • this helps alot! make more on psychology!

  • keep it up please, it's a wonderful video to know about structuralism psychology

  • 1:51 ohhhh that coma. boy. that. coma. ooohhhh.

  • Amateur video

  • Nice presentation . But need to clarify a point there.
    I thought it should be William James ( an American psychologist who was also a strong support for introspection) wrote the book Principles of Psychology.

  • Parts** 1:06

  • I needed this for my test tomorrow, thanks

  • Very nice! Thanks for explaining in a simple way.

  • DISCLAIMER: This was a video I did in accordance w a requirement from subject I'm taking. This took me only a day to finish (procrastination yes) , hence some inevitable errors/mistakes. I wasn't able to proofread everything due to lack of time. Also, the contents are based from what the professor had taught me and from reliable sources. The only reason I posted this was to showcase some basic animations from After Effects since that was all my channel was about. This wasn't meant to teach nor replace your knowledge on the stated topic. However, if you did learn some new things from the video, that's a plus. Thank you! <3

  • good one I like it!

  • Gave it a thumbs down for the simple fact that there was no narrator. It would of helped if someone spoke rather than viewer reading. Overall I enjoyed the video.

  • The Video is nice but if I want to read, I read in my books. I would like it more if a voice would read it aloud.

  • thank you so much, this is much clearer than all the stuff I've been reading

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