My name is Aslam and I am from Sahiwal,Pakistan. My father is a businessman linked with Textile Industry. I along with my family used to live in a town located in Sahiwal city. That town was luxurious, high-cost and mostly having wealthy residents.

We were having good relations with our neighbours and it was casual for us to go to each other homes. I can still clearly visualize that it was the month of April when my neighbour located at left sold his house to the couple who were freshly married (I came to know when they visited our house for the first time after shifting). At that epoch I was doing matriculation. I was young, believe me I was innocent. I was unaware of my newly shifted neighbour’s obscene fantasies.

With the passage of time they became friendly with us and they used to join us especially for the “Teatime” in the evening and vice versa. Due to students’ union protest in our school, I got vacation for one week. Oneday around 9 AM I was having my breakfast when she came to our home and told my mom that she was watching her wedding movie while CD stopped working so she told my mom that ask your son to fix this problem.

After having my breakfast I went to her home to fix the problem related to CD but her behavior was strange and she said I want to show you something and her strange facial expressions along with her non-verbal gestures made me entirely perplexed. I said “Ok, show me”. I felt threatened and shocked when she made me to watch an immodest video in which characters of video were performing brazen and unvirtuous acts.

As I already told you that I was an innocent person so I responded immediately that I would tell your husband regarding your this rock-bottom act. Suddenly her husband came out of another room and I was shocked. I shouted loudly uncle have a look at your wife’s act, she was trying to indulge me in ill-suited act. I thought my heart would collapse coz my heart-beat was 100 times more than usual. Her husband’s reply just literally battered me severely.

He said don’t be panic, he made me to sit down and asked me to relax. After that they both taught me the role of third male person in lovemaking while showing me the several third-rated videos. They intimidated me and petrified me while saying not to tell my mom and dad regarding all this activity. They told me to join them every week for the sake of performing what they taught me.

Within a week my family started noticing the ample amount of change in my behaviour. I became addict to their immoral acts. Within a month I became exceptionally feeble. I started feeling severe depression having a severe non-enduring back pain as well. I lost my appetite coz of preoccupied strange thoughts of guilty and fear. I started performing self-harming activities. At night I used to get afraid while looking out of my window while my eyes pinned at their house so I used to wake up till the morning. I used to feel severe restlessness in my body. I told them that now I would not be part of their filthy acts but they used to warn me by showing me my inappropriate video in which I was performing immoral acts with them.

I started having suicidal thoughts as I thought now the only way left to end this conflict of guilt in my inner self is to end my life coz I lost respect for myself and relationships as I was keep on thinking regarding immoral acts. My father took me to the local “Masjid” and told “Molana Sahab” regarding my prevailing condition. Molana Shahab asked my father to let him alone speak to me. He asked me “Beta kya maslah hai, muje apna smjh kay sb kuch sach sach batao, mein tmhara maslah inshaaAllah hal krn ga.[Son, what’s wrong with you just tell me the reality without any hesitation and I will inshaaAllah solve your problem]”.

I was afraid and in the next few seconds I burst into tears and wholly depleted. I told Molana Shahab about each and single happening and regarding my neighbour’s couple venereal acts. I told him that they are also having a video of mine in which I am also performing immoral acts along with them. Molana Sahab immediately told my father about all the happenings and accompany him towards our street.

All the adult member of families residing in our street were gathered and Molana Sahab told them regarding all the scenario. When they all together went to their house and the astonishing element was, the main gate was having latch/locked. My father was not in the favour of calling the police as according to him the culprits were having my inappropriate video as well. After waiting for several hours when they didn’t come back the Molana Sahab told my father to break the lock with a hammer. When my father break the lock and went inside along with the other residents’ of street, the furniture and other goods were still there but the cupboards were empty i.e. having no clothes and documents. Latterly, my father came to know that they were living with the fake identities and even bought the house while using similar fake identities.

My father was a businessman so due to his reputational concerns he just squelched the matter. My father along with the family shifted to Multan where I started getting psychological treatment under the supervision of one of the top psychologist of Pakistan. The counseling continued for almost 3.5 years (worst years of my life) but then I was managed to get out of the trauma.

Now I am living a happy and contented life as my past no more haunt me. I am a MBA graduate from one of the renowned university of Pakistan and currently helping my father to expand his business.

The reason behind sharing my story with you is to educate and aware the parents to look after their children and I wanted to tell them through your blog that never ever trust anyone when it comes to safety/protection of your child. Make sure you know that what kind of company your child have or never let them to stay alone with adults including neighbours and other family relatives as well i.e. proper check and balance.


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