Steven Pinker — On psychology and human nature.

Steven Pinker — On psychology and human nature.

Steven talks to us about psychology and human nature.

1. Does the theory of evolution apply to behavior?
2. How did people explain behavior before the theory of evolution?
3. What helped us move into different theories of human nature?
4. Are our policies affected by theories of human nature?
5. How to think about individual responsibility in a world where psychology has biological origins?
6. So social responsibility is built into our biology?!
7. What’s your opinion on the social brain hypothesis?


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  • Mechanistic views of the world and even evolution theories existed before Darwin, as far as I know. Darwin, however, was scientifically persuasive.

  • how can evolution NOT effect behavior. im not very well educated but the nature and nurture dynamic is a joke. It is all nature. 1 system period. nurture is a product of nature… so are genes variations/ mutations.. actions we take, the love we think we give, behaviors complex and otherwise can all be traced back to environmental triggers.
    but what do i know… no match for these well spoken wizards 

  • Great interview & fantastic background song…what's the singer & song name, please?

  • What was the point of the other guy sitting there?

  • Has human anger evolved? Is anger adopted? What's function of that? And how can we control it efficiently?

  • Only some people 'strive for dominance and power' and those are the people who run for election. So we elect these power hungry people in the hope they will 'rule' us well. That's insanity. Most people seek cooperation and the acceptance and approval of their peers and community. A strong, cooperative community, operating without coercion could keep the few anti-social types in check. Giving all the power and guns to the anti-social types is why we have psychopathic governments killing at home and abroad. But this guy is paid by the State so he's hardly going to tell you all that. Instead he talks about 'safeguards in a democracy'. Utter nonsense.

  • Modern mainstream science insists matter cannot be conscious. It also insists consciousness is no more than electro chemical reactions in brain matter and brain matter alone (which they insist cannot be conscious).

    But as long as you keep a straight face and throw in words like 'soul' and 'primitive beliefs' and 'religion' you can always get away with such a blatant contradictory views.

  • How does human nature evolve by the means of taste aversion?

  • ASS

  • I don't agree with Darwin's theory of evolution (that human's came from ape, etc.,) and your reference to it multiple times within the first 4 minutes of this video. That is just a theory and I, as a common person, am not convined with its evidence. People are entitled to their opinions, but trying to establish them as facts without evidence is incorrect.

  • Nic video…..

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