Statistics in a Psychology Degree

Statistics in a Psychology Degree

I got a lot of questions about what Statistics is like in a Psychology Degree so thought the best thing to do would be to make a video on it! Some of it is specific to Psychology at Royal Holloway, but much of it will be relevant regardless of what university you go to.

Hope it helps!


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  • this was so helpful. thank you so much and good luck with your studies!

  • Thanks for the video really helpful because I wanna study this in uni love your channel❤️

  • Would you need a scientific calculator?

  • This video was really useful! Now i know why statistic is needed in psychology. What other stuff do you have to do with a psych degree apart from statistics and general science classes? Thanks x

  • Thanks for such a good video I'm 16 nearly 17 applying this September. I'm just so unsure about courses😫

  • what course are you taking in psychology and do you take it part time or full time?

  • Hi Hafsa, can't seem to reply to your comment directly so hopefully you will see this. I've graduated now but I took just the BSc Psychology (not one of the more specialised programmes) because that's all they offered when I joined, and I did it full time.

  • Happy Wellness, This was an awesome explanation of how to do statistics. You really should consider teaching. Keep up the good work!!! Take care and be in good health.

  • hey Izy i will be a year 12 student next year and i have decided to study Psychology after high school. I searched what subjects will be useful and it came up stats and Biology. I do not like any science topics but it seems like i have to. So do I still have to take Biology?

  • Thank you SO SO SO much. This video really helped me. I'm a French student and I want to study psychology in England. I am now improving my English in a college as well as following a A level course with chemistry and biology. I've already got the A level equivalent. I'm just there to get use to. But my problem is maths. Shortly, in France, in A level you got 6 core subjects and as I was in a science class I had maths but it is not like gcse. It was much harder. And I've completely failed my math exam. The thing is that in my college for them it's not a good sign that I've got that bad grade. I've still got honour with my A level equivalent. But I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm really use to data analysis, I've basically done that allllll my ALevel in physics, chemistry and biology (not really as in the UK for bio). But now, I'm super stressed about it. They told me to pass a gcse exam, I was quite confident when I saw the maths gcse program. I've even done some test paper quite well. But then my college tutor pointed out my bad grade and I cannot stop thinking about it now. Stressing. And giving up.

  • this really helped me out a lot, thanks Izy.

  • Is there a lot of maths/stats exams in psychology degree? Would I ever have to to do it in my head?

  • Can you tell me the book u used in this video? Seem to be great explanations.

  • You are so adorable!

  • How ,uch hours of dedication study is required in this psychology courses approximately??

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