Stalker Psychology

Stalker Psychology

Everything you Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse – click on this link:

Contrary to myths perpetuated by the mass media, studies show that most stalkers are men, have high IQ’s, advanced degrees, and are middle aged (Meloy and Gothard, 1995; and Morrison, 2001).

Rejected stalkers are intrusive and inordinately persistent. They recognize no boundaries — personal or legal. They honor to “contracts” and they pursue their target for years. They interpret rejection as a sign of the victim’s continued interest and obsession with them. They are, therefore, impossible to get rid of. Many of them are narcissists and, thus, lack empathy, feel omnipotent and immune to the consequences of their actions.

(From the book “Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited” by Sam Vaknin – Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships:


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  • this has just proven to me-what i had recognized was this kind of psychological stalker.
    since this has occurred to me, i'd like to raise awareness that these types of creatures-who i believe are cowardly as well-will stop at nothing to prove that they have a reason to harass you in all ways possible-they respect no boundaries, AT ALL!. strange thing though, it is not even the person they want-it is more their fear of losing at their game.
    i'd say, they can spot the vulnerable, as a Lioness can spot a wounded gazelle. however, if they err, for so monumental is their arrogance-that they will not recognize someone who is strong AND WILL GIVE THEM BACK THE PSYCHOLOGICAL LICKING THEY HAVE ALWAYS DESERVED! unfortunately, they choose to "ASSUME" – which means making the mistake of making "an arse of you and me" though unrealized in their minds.
    the Internet, which I BELIEVE IS SO POORLY REGULATED is a hunting ground for these perverts. Or the proverbial barrel so full of fish-such a creature cannot help but hook as many as he'd want.
    one saving grace: because of the assumption these practiced know-it-all so generally make-should they meet a truly strong person, it infuriates them, that someone dared win over their game. their anger turns into a malignant and manipulative, destructive rage.
    if you have come across one of these abominations/human mutation-get  the heck away from that..ah.."person"? because there is no truth to them, at all. these are mountains of deception, though fortunately they are as well; shallow and hollow inside…believe me no one needs to even acknowledge at all-something SO INFERIOR AND INSIGNIFICANT.
    MOVE ON!

  • We have a stalker problem here in Santa Cruz, California. It's actually group oriented. I was stalked by a Christian gang several years back. They tried to hook me up with one of their girls, but I declined. So, now they're mad and they want revenge.
    After exchanging insults with them they began to get violent. They use radiation weapons, like lasers and microwave emitters to inflict injury without getting caught. I have all sorts of radiation burn scars on my face now. But I have no idea where the lasers came from or who shot them. Even the cops are too afraid to discuss the topic radiation weapons, for fear of being attacked themselves.

  • M S

    stalkers are cluster B-ish

  • My ex has been stalking me for years and he has a girlfriend who he loves ssoooooo much and everything. If only she knew…

  • very informative thanks

  • I got a female who i stop liking when i was young now she turn to a cop and been stalking me for years!! My aunt work for the FBI. Now i got to put investigators on her.. She try to me the stalker but i gather enough proof to prove she lying. Becareful men or women stalkerz are dangerous…

  • I have a group of people stalking me as well. It's more like celebrity stalking because most of these people I don't know. They're more involved in rumors and gossip. They are complete strangers yet they feel they have some sort of connection with me. It's got to do with some Internet smearing website. Some women involved in this group tried to make advances on me, and when I rejected them, a group of complete strangers started stalking and harassing me. It has now turned to violence, as they are attacking me with microwave emitters, messing up my ears (giving me tinnitus) and my eyes. They are a truly disturbed group and I plan to file felony lawsuit on the people who started this.

  • This is my last ex. He's a stalker.

  • I was stalked for from 2008-2015,they sabotaged my relationships they made up stories and told people to stay away from me.,hacked into my computer,put spy ware on my cell phone,got my fired from 2 jobs,got me kicked out of school,bankrupted me.

    They seem to get everyone around you to go along with their games and harassed you they followed me from California and chased me all the way to Texas and the harassment continued,they try to communicate with you through other people saying thing like "Were not going to let you start a new life" and other terrifying comments like "If you keep talking Sh..t about people were going to come get you and f,,k your shit up>

    They get people to pose as romantic interests and come on to you at work and tried to turn it around saying that i was the one who come on to them and tried to get me fired at 4 of my jobs in a row.I went through 7 jobs trying to evade them but they seem to track me down and start the harassment over again. they followed me back to California and they found me and started the harassment again, The books are rite "they will never stop:.

    The Police thought that I was the crazy one and that I am just being paranoid and should see a shrink and offered no help at all.

    You cannot run, you cannot hide,they will track you down pretending that they are so worried about you and all of the things you are going through and just want help, that is they want to find you and continue doing what they have been doing "Terrorize and harass you " sabotage your relationships,your jobs ect.. what ever they can do to keep you terrorized..

    Still being stalked

  • As an individual who has shamefully done this to an ex-girlfriend & come out the other side, I'd like to give my perspective. In my mind it was all about possession of (what I deemed at the time) as my 'only' source of happiness. I have OCD & there is an element which makes you feel 110% COMPELLED to seek forgiveness, even for the most trivial of things (even 'thoughts'). This with a relationship which stressed honesty at all costs was really the perfect storm. It was never about hurting this person, It was about rejection by a person I saw as 'Perfect' or 'Godly' & looking for this person to constantly validate me…

  • The rejected are obsessed with stalking me. Gosh, they are so deluded that they think we're "friends", when really they are so repulsive and have no clue about boundaries. They seriously need to seek psychological help. Sam, please help them.

  • Yes, so true about their denial and dehumanizing behavior. They suffer inexorably from racial and cultural barriers, while having no empathy, yet entitled enough to feel omnipotence. How could people be so ignorant and not realize that people who stalk have deep psychological problems?

  • thanks! I'm being stalked by a woman I hardly know and never had any relationship with.

    I'm trying to understand what to do and why this is happening. thanks!

    any resources or recommendations will help!

  • Can I contact you privately about my situation?

  • my brother started stalking me, idk why he does this. ive never liked him and now i know why

  • Thank you for your video. Ive had the last mentioned type of stalker for over a decade. It was more bizarre because he was just an acquaintance. Recently in his last episode of unrelenting harassment the police were able to arrest him and he was charged with felony stalking & harassment. Im trying to understand the psychological aspect of it because its never made any sense to me as i only interacted with him to reiterate " leave me alone..dont contact me" etc yet he continued to find elaborate ways to bother and threaten me.

  • I made friends with a coworker and initially it was great friendship! We were together all the time, but it felt a bit rushed and excessive considering we had only known each other for a couple of weeks. I became alarmed when he started demanding drug money and rides from me…as far as I know he was only romantically interested in men…but after I cut off contact with him, due to his exploitative behavior, he began stalking me, watching me at work and calling me incessantly. The stalking behavior didn't make much since because he doesn't like women. I guess I'm wanting to know what he wanted from me?….perhaps just more money and rides but the stalking seemed more about intimidation and abandonment anxiety. He refused to acknowledge that I didn't want to be friends with him anymore. He kept asking me to hang out with him and he tried to bribe me with gifts. What do you think?

  • My friend is a girl and she follows me all the time

  • I accidentally stalk a girl at work and scared her how sad:(

  • I've come across a stalker before. He would stalk my gf at the time (His Ex) every now and then. It was weird… fortunately with my own research, i was able to find out where he resides and where his family lived. I started to stalk him and vice versa. There were some nights we would stalk each other simultaneously and just gaze at each other from a distance for hours.

  • What about stalkers on Youtube?

  • very good video thank u

  • My grandmas boyfriend stalks me just because im moved out and likes to start drama.
    Im still trying to figure out how to get rid of him. He tries to catch me doing something (im 25 and live alone and my grandmas house is 5 blocks away and I can't afford to move out where she put me atm but plan too asap) So he can tell my grandma to get her all pissed. Kind of want to smack him but he's too disgusting to even look at so- I'm at loss

  • I had to mentor some guy at work and after many months he asked me to go to some movies. Harmless right!? I had been a very closed person for many many years and was 27 at the time of asking. I wanted to be more outgoing and i a little reluctantly agreed. At first it was just that. Some movies and eating afterwards, having a drink. Eventually many months later i very very reluctantly went to hes appartment. At first everything was going well. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then talk went to clothes. After a while he said he had some spare clothes a friend lent him and asked if i wanted to try some so figuring it couldnt hurt, i did. As soon as the second shirt i tried came off he wrapped hes arms around me and started kissing me. That is when i realized, he is actually Gay. I at first tried to back away from him, but he just grabbed me tighter and i had to use a lot more strength to push him away. He was kissing me and grabbing me in all the wrong places. I wanted to leave, but he wouldnt let me. I had to plan my escape, but after 1.5 hours i had the chance and i took it. And now he just wont leave me alone. I have talked this over with him 8 times, like how i am not into him. He doesnt leave me alone. He found out my home address somehow. I never told him my address. I promised to call the cops if he shows up. Plenty of arguments over the phone. I even made up this story about having a girlfriend and had to act into the role to make it convincing. I work in a hypermarket and since he works all night – witch is something we have – he stalks me around and tries to talk to me every morning. I just today found out that security knows he is always waiting for me in the books section, witch is something i never realized before. I just walk past the damn section and some time later he just pops out from somewhere and wont leave me alone, even if i tell him to leave me alone. I think i will go to managment and talk about it. If that wont work i will go to the police. From today on i carry a pepper spray everywhere i go. I knew i should have carried it a long time ago.

  • thank you ! very informative .

  • Why would a middle age man stalk me? This is absolutely crazy and it is so annoying. The cocaine abuse just makes it so much easier to bother me. The guy is nuts!

  • The N IK stalked me hard after the 1st devaluation. None (that I am aware of) during the 2nd and currently 3rd discard. In September, like clock work, they will be back. I am the best prepared for round 4.

  • thank u❤❤❤

  • It is what it is..he's stalking me..every minute of every day..he's hacked into my phone..for over a year now..but..I have people he doesn't know about..watching him family and friends won't stop till they see him go to jail .where he belongs..we get closer every sister hired a P.I…I'm done playing ..I been neighbor is a state trooper I been spending time with, and he is " Very Aware" of my situation..I tried to tell him, but he won't .guess we are just gonna have to Show him .Ahh, Randy…you brought this on yourself..and your gonna pay for it.. hope u enjoy ur little Cell ..💯💯😎

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