SSB Interview (AFOSOP): Congruence in Psychological Tests (Part-II)

SSB Interview (AFOSOP): Congruence in Psychological Tests (Part-II)

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  • Very nice sir…

  • Thank you for the video Sir!!
    This will bring a lot of clarity to the aspirants regarding various psychological tests.

  • Thank you sir for your Guidance

  • Useful as always….

  • good morning sir , i have read about the defense mechanism and all of its types . i am happy that i don't have such kind of defense mechanism . thank you so much for this video , sir.
    P.S – i fantasize about things a bit but come back to reality very soon.
    is it bad to have a defense mechanism ? i have seen many people who anticipate. they rehearse the potential stressful situation in their mind .

  • Great Post thanks for Share .

  • i recommend all the ssb students to watch AFOSOP ssb videos they will help all of you a lot . please watch them for the overall development for ssbs.

  • sir i a have asked you one question on prepathon from the name pranav please answer that question, and thanks once again for your support and this video as well

  • so sir i want to ask the picture shown for tat what story do u suggest to write despite of the story show ?? do reply plz sir what to write in this??

  • sir I am eagerly waiting for u r videos it keeps motivated towards my goal .

  • I thought you are right sir

  • Thank you Sir. I am looking forward to attend the Seminar.

  • Thank you sir…for revealing truth.

  • Excellent explanation sir, thankyou for showing the true n inner side of an individual, glad to be part of afosop. Please keep posting more and more informative videos and guide us.
    Best wishes.

  • Thankyou sir learning new things everyday……… u r great.

  • thank you sir ,ur doing great work

  • Sir your elaboration on theory of needs in TAT really made us think now before writing story really helpful. Thank you Sir

  • Sir please put up a suitable story for a TAT picture & analyse it so that we can understand the positive points too. After watching your videos I am able to understand what not to do, so please make a video things which should be done. Thank you

  • Respected sir,
    Your videos are very 2 knowledgeable and not only tells abt what is the demand of SSB but how we can develop our personality .I have been conf.out 3 times ,i had been to deferent coaching centre where they only told me to memories WAT SRT and SD etc.But now i have understand the concept through your videos as what actually needs to be done .your videos are really helping us to clear misconceptions about SSB and please keep uploading more videos.
    All the best sir.

  • Sir thanks for this guidance after seeing this videos i actually know that how any one can improve his/her personality…and waiting for next video of this series

  • thanks once again sir for this valuable video….

  • Sir I am deviating from my goal because of low self-esteem and lose control on mind , but sir after watching your video I got right direction , thinking and observing through intellectual part , I shall be thankful to you , great job sir , I salute you sir from heart for your clear vision and providing constructive thinking and helps us to remove this mask and work on real one whatever required not only for ssb but also for a smooth and successful life

    Thanks a lot sir

  • Thank you very much sir for revealing the truth….very good description..

  • great work sir u actually showed us to" be yourself" instead of having makhotaa…

  • Really sir your way is brutal but honest

  • great work sir

  • This video enlighted us about the minor mistakes that are done by us . Thank you sir for making these helpful videos .

  • sir please make video

  • I have got a good clarity about it…i think it will just not help in my ssb but it will help in my life.

  • Thanku sir… Ur videos actually makes me to think and work on myself….. I have one question that how to remove this mukhota?

  • sir your videos are really helpful. In my first attempt i did this mistake in gto that is show case myself . i did coaching but now realize instead of being Charlie introspect yourself and take help from videos to improve personality. I will be really thankful if you upload structure analysis video

  • These are one of the best videos and helping me. Thanks sir.

  • These are one of the best videos and helping me. Thanks sir.

  • no body write such type of story . it is very negative story any candidate never write such story . sir plz take good story than make another video . really helpful
    thanks sir

  • thank you sir for giving your precious time to us,eagerly looking forward towards new videos…..:)

  • Sir I am living in mumbai and a working professional. I got recommended in SSC WTECH 21. My SSB will be in jan 9 to 13. Please guide me. This is my 1 st attempt.

  • It is a very nice video for all the aspirant of ssb candidates , to help u for our whole life

  • Sir. Please make a video on defence mechanism

  • wow sir amazing video , opened up my mind looking forward to join afosop

  • Thank you sir…. for informative and educative session. But wants to know, in part 1, you have mentioned that, 40% congruence is required to be recommended. How that, 40% evaluated as far as congruence is concerned, because for some thoughts,feelings,motive and thinking, if no congruence then… what will the fate…..?

  • Thank you for this video. and please make the next video

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