Sodapoppin Donation to Ice Poseidon -Reckful helps chat out- Destiny psychology -BEST of Twitch #158

Sodapoppin Donation to Ice Poseidon -Reckful helps chat out- Destiny psychology -BEST of Twitch #158



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October 30, 2017 / 32 Comments / by / in
  • First

  • Morning just got better

  • Can’t believe this…

    …when did Ice ever announce a sleep stream I completely missed it goddamnit

  • Reckful such a great guy

  • Reckful for MVP

  • scammers

  • Sodapoppin is daddy af

  • hi


  • 1.6 xDDDDDDDDD

  • You deserve waaaay more subsviews than some of those shitty "funny" twitch compilation channels!

  • Greek and Ice not acting like pussy's BTW haHAA

  • Would really appreciate if you mention that some of the clips contain gameplay/cutscenes from new release games .

  • STOP SCAMMING SODA! Ice and Greek need to re-do that shit or send him the money back!

  • Give SODAS moneyback you shit

  • They actually went back and water boarded him 2 more times….each was about 2 seconds…so sodapoppin got 3 water boards. To be fair they all were kind of weak sauce cause Greek is a giant pussy fucker, but oh well.

  • IRL streams make the titty streamers seem like good content

  • but they just so happen to be laying on a tarp?


  • that water board was so fake

  • yeah ices sleep stream was stupid the chat was filled with dont donate and the whole time i was their nothing happend

  • who is this guy playing gta v roleplay?

  • Water boarding hurts that shit burns your nose….

  • your feet have to be raised for it to actually simulate drowning. Imagine you're lying on a table with the legs at one end shorter than the other, while your head is on the side with the short legs. Greek literally just had water splashed in his face, all that I cant breath shit is bs

  • kacytron still allowed on twitch??? wow

  • lmao kacey

  • I did not expect the last clip and the cringe got me real good…

  • Soda a bitch. Ice took it like a man, mayb he should do it as long as he do to see how fucking fucked up it makes you feel.


  • a friend of mine did the same thing pokimane did , but for like 3secs only , and got banned for like 3days lmao , fck twitch

  • Mufinkinass scammed

  • Dude no one cares about ping ass faggot Destiny. Do not put him, he is such a fag

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