Social Psychology – Revision Webinar (AQA AS)

Social Psychology – Revision Webinar (AQA AS)

This 25 minute revision webinar explores the key exam techniques required for students preparing for AQA A Level Year 1 (AS) exam questions on Social Psychology.


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  • You're a LIFE SAVER.

  • Amazing video, very informative and really advanced my knowledge of how to answer these types of questions. Also Joseph himself was very helpful in proving me extra information via email. Hopefully there will be many many more of these videos in the future!

  • Is this relevant to the new aqa spec, namely 7181/1?

  • Great resource!

  • Is this social influence?

  • for the agentic state essay wont, you have to talk about autonomous state and binding factors?. Please reply

  • Is this relevant for the 2017 exam?? In terms of the AO's- please reply

  • historical validity and temporal validity is the same?

  • Could you describe milgram and zimbardo for the essay on studies of obedience?

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