Social Psychology Experiment

Social Psychology Experiment

Experiment: Conformity to gender roles. We placed common male and female signs on opposite transparent doors instructing people to walk through the correct entrance. (Sorry, no music. Youtube made me remove it)


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  • if you were hot, i'd be all over that.

  • if I were one of the confidrate I'd go to the wrong side

  • Nice experiment. Just demonstrate that we are so induce to follow rules that we don't even questionate then, even that is nonsense…

  • If I never read the signs on doors that say "PUSH" or "PULL", then I definitely would not have read these.

  • My school once did this, I made a point of walking through the girls door.
    Jesus ball-sack did I feel unique.

  • i didnt listen the song in this video!! but at 2:41 it says song: sum 41-Flat Lip…or is it also experiment? lol

  • Even after seeing this, I'd still go through the door meant for me. I'd just think there is some sort of research to see how many males & females enter & leave, or as with the sneakers thing or whatever.

  • exactly, nothing of this has to do with gender roles lol. Gender roles would be if they put womens clothing on mens side of the store and see if they bought em.

  • What struck me is that they are not very polite in the U.S.. Nobody was holding the door for people behind them.
    Non-Christian university?

  • This is the entrance to a library, a place of learning, so no, not a christian university.

  • i can't believe some people went for the furthest door because of those signs

  • Robots..We are… 🙂

  • Wow, people are such pathetic conformists. Just walk through the closest door, it's just a piece of paper…

  • wow lol

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  • any scholarly research based off this idea of gendered doors?

  • if they make the 3rd Door in the Middle you will easy Know The Gays LOL

  • That guy at 2:50 was just like: Screw Gender Conformity!

  • Milgrams experiment would backup your theory, I agree, it's not gender that is making these people choose the correct doors, rather the instructions given to them.

  • What are the independent and dependent variables here?

  • "I am a free thinker"
    You're not a free thinker because you dis-obey signs. What if this was for a university experiment and you intentionally just made the results inaccurate – you're not a free thinker, you're an asshole. By the way, you wouldn't know that it was nonsense, you only do because you've been told from the introduction.

  • In my opinion this is a hugely flawed experiment. What would I have done? I would have followed the signs, but not because I'm "conforming to gender roles," but because there was a sign that told me to go in the other door and the person who owns the property has the right to decide the rules….so this experiment is more accurately testing how respectful people are of rules on another's property

  • laughing so hard im crying

  • I'd probably go through the wimin's door just because of the absurdity of this.

  • yeah i wouldnt care either cause i wouldnt be able to actually see the direct purpose right away

  • As I watched this video, I thought to myself, wow, people actually pay attention to the man only, women only signs? This was made in the 20th century, right? If I had been there I would have made sure someone knew my thoughts and walked in the men's door out of defiance.

  • what were your independent and dependent variables of this experiment? and what extraneous variables also and how did you control the extraneous?

  • I'm wondering if this is because they are toilet door signs and so it becomes automatic… 

  • Very entertaining, although I would love to see the full results.  I find it hard to believe that there would not be one defiant member of society.  Not only that, in doing this experiment you might want to think of trying that same routine in a different location.  It would provide a more diverse and random representative sample.  Good Job!

  • I mean honestly I don't see how this is conformity to gender roles. It isn't creating an inconvenience so people just go to the door with their gender on it. It is like going to the bathroom, you just kinda enter the door. And if their was an actual incentive to enter one door over the other, it would make a better statement on the issue, such as if the doors were more than 5 feet apart. As is there is no reason not to enter the door with your gender on it.

  • I would argue that this is less about conformity to gender roles and more about conformity to signage in general. We tend to assume that signs are there for a reason, even if we aren't privy to exactly what that reason may be. I would probably conform as well, perhaps guessing that there was some kind of religious accommodation taking place. There was a sign in my college cafeteria that specific foods were not to be taken into this one area. It turned out that those tables were designated as kosher areas.

  • 2:40 The last guy was like "fuck this, what am I doing, I don't care because we all going to the same place". xD

  • I really wish you shared your actual findings, I am using this as an example in my paper for Social Psychology.  But I really love the experiment! Good job!

  • Hiya, I would like to use this method and run an experiment, which will be included in a project. just was wondering if I can legally copyright the video and put its link in my essay?

  • I wanted to do something similar but need a pro experiment what would this be under?

  • John, I loved your study, I am greatly interested in the topic of conformity. I am currently studying Psychology, and was wondering if there is any hope I could get your email address? I would like to ask a few questions regarding your study. Many thanks

  • This is more of an experiment in authority than gender roles. Specifically the authority of signage.

  • what were your independent and dependent variables of this experiment? can someone plzz answer

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