Social | Aggression | Psychology

Social | Aggression | Psychology

Psychology A2: Aggression: Social

WILL and SARAH return to host WAHEY’s revision videos for the A2, focussing on the AQA specification. This has got all you need to know for an A* in Psychology A-Level, produced in a fun and quick manner. Any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you down below in the comments!

Exam technique:

Video 3 of 3. Part of WAHEY Productive Psychology, PSYA3.

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April 4, 2014 / 14 Comments / by / in
  • well done guys, really great work!

  • Good info, but if you plan on creating a video in which you are going to be clearly just reading the information verbatim, please learn how to read the words and pronounce them properly Before making the video.  The constant tripping over words may be a gimmick to be cute, but it is a little obnoxious and comes of as very lazy.

  • Was it not Zimbardo who came up with the theory of Deindividuation?

  • thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I cracked myself when i saw that Klan outfit, lul, good videos though, thanks, only wish you had done more concerining the topic I have for my exams, besides aggression, thanks alot anyway

  • Soooo helpful thank you!

  • Sorry may i ask where you got the A01 on identification and deindividuation on institutional aggression, as that could make or break my essay. Thank you

  • Do I have to know both SLT and deindivuation for the exam can I not just focus on one ?

  • what is up everyone everywhere please doe fill in replies below I am interested sincerely to all?

  • does here find peace psychology where is it?

  • yes fill all your aggressive comments otherwise passive peacefully sentences?

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  • You should consider making reading material

  • well done! I love your voices!

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