So you want to major in…PSYCHOLOGY?!?

So you want to major in…PSYCHOLOGY?!?

Feel free to fast forward to the sections below ^_^
1. Majoring in Psychology 0:56
2. Graduate School 6:42
3. My Job 10:46

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  • Thanks for the new video, Katie! Hope things go well for you at your new job!

  • This is so interesting!

  • Perfect timing!! Highly considering majoring in psychology for graduate school.

  • This is perfect!! Thank you so much! I'm earning my BA right now in psychology. I have to take my GRE's this summer and I'm super nervous. I am similar where I'm terrible at math so I'm not super excited.

  • Did you ever get around to watching Billions? Maggie Siff plays Wendy Rhoades, the "in-house" psychologist/HR executive for a billionaire and his company. Didn't know this was a career until you mentioned it and then I saw it on TV.

  • I completely agree with your advice about staying in state for undergrad to lessen the financial burden! Community college for the first two years is an amazing, cheap option especially if, like my past experience, you don't know what you want to do yet or you just need to get your foundation courses and transfer. Also it's really cool hearing you talk about your education, I wasn't even aware this area of psych existed. Good luck on the move!

  • This was actually so interesting! 😀 The shadowing thing was so helpful!

  • Interesting. I have a degree in Administration, (I am from Argentina), I guess it is like a Business degree for the US. Last year I decided to go back to college to get a degree in Psychology, I am not planning to do anything with it, but here is possible to have a full-time job and go to college, also public college is free.
    I really like your Psych-Pop video.
    I hope you can keep up with your videos.

  • I did rotational program after college too. One of the best decisions I ever made! I can't wait to hear about your experience 😊

  • Why, hello Q&A we meet at last.

  • I love your description of the GRE, 'SAT on steroids'. Essential to prepare yourself.

  • I think it's great to have a major you enjoy. But if I knew what I know now I would have gotten a more useful degree … I've got an Anthropology degree and work for an airline, not using my degree at all 😑

  • I did my grad work in English, despite my verbal being my lowest of the three scores. (It was fine, but still the lowest.) On the final random section, the guy next to me got another Analytical section and just started weeping. Good times.

  • Nice video. I am currently following the same path and this confirmed I/O for me. Excited to get where you are one day.

  • I'm getting my psych BA right now! Your job sounds fascinating. I think I'd like to be a counselor but we'll see! Your makeup looks fantastic, by the way 👌🏻

  • I agree with taking time off. I took a year off before graduate school (going in the fall!) and I'm so glad I did. I think having a break from school for a year was exactly what I needed to feel excited about school again. Also, the GRE sucks. I hated taking it and it's so expensive. Congrats on graduating!!

  • Thank you so much for answering my question I've basically finished now and feel so much better about my job prospects. 🙂

  • As someone planning to major in psychology and attend graduate school, this video was super informative. I loved hearing you talk about your education, as you seem to love it. Best of wishes on your future!

  • hii i recently moved to US(NY) from India. i did my bachelor's in cyber forensics but i wish to do my further studies in psychology. so do i want to start my schooling all over or can i do any master's in psychology field ?

  • You don't need to have a minor in accounting to be considered an accountant; if you account for money, you're an accountant – you're just not a certified public accountant, which has its own legal and financial privileges. In the case of your friend, I doubt either their major or minor influenced their accounting job – companies just need people who can read an invoice. Honestly, if you picked psychology, you were thinking more about what you liked than what made money.

  • Wished most youtubers gave us opportunities to skip like she did

  • I graduate in 2 months with my undergraduate degree . My stomach hurts so bad. I feel so sick thinking about all of this.

  • could i get a job after completing bachelor's in psychology or child psychology ??

  • I loved tis video! It was super informative! I just started a channel about my experience as a psychology graduate student if you want to check it out 🙂

  • Thank you ❤️

  • if I were to want to work with criminals (who are probably psychopaths) and study their thinking patterns (or whatever you would do with them) what would i want to study from that pie chart that you showed us exactly?

  • Any one know any good colleges for psychology?

  • Just saw that you answered my question! I'm struggling with choosing my major so thank you!

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