So You Want to Be A Forensic Psychologist.

So You Want to Be A Forensic Psychologist.

Graduate student talks to professor about pursuing a PH.D in Forensic Psychology.


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  • "…were expensive, didn't fit in with police culture and never caught anyone" XD Brilliant

  • Awesome vid. Thank you. Answers a few questions.

  • Thanks androids. Useful information, awful to listen to.

  • Wow you're the first one I was that shows the bright side.

  • videos useful although the characters are kinda creepy ahaha

  • robotic comment then a random hand movement loool

  • It may not be like we see on the TV shows and in the movies, but Forensic Psychology still sounds pretty fascinating to me.

  • I still will be pursuing my Forensic Psychology degree but this was hilarious!  LOL

  • Fuck you man i just got bummed about this, but thanks!

  • If we could think like criminals we probably would be criminals. Bahahahaha

  • This can't relate more to my life holy shit… im so done.

  • These cartoons are dream killers

  • I feel so stupid. The girl listed all the shows I watch. I totally needed that reality check

  • Hand movements and face expressions 😁

  • You know it's kinda nice to see that these actually talk about the reality of things and not "lol you're an idiot for wanting to do this."

  • In what career can you explore the minds of criminals/perps/suspects before and/or after trial? I'm thinking about FP as a career, but I'm more interested in the cognitive exploration in the criminal. Is there another career in this?

  • what you said from 1:50 ??

  • This is jokes this is probly the least dream killer the psychiatrist one was jokes

  • I met two forensic psychologists, one works in court and yes she works in courts as a eye witness expert

    The other one does work with the police but just in helping them do their job efficiently, only problem is that like it said in this video the police don't really like you

  • Smart video! What animation program was used to make it? Thank you

  • it might not be completely the same in real life as it is on tv but it's still really interesting in my opinion

  • I'm an animator. This is painful to watch. It's educational, but painful.

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