So You Want a PhD in Clinical Psychology?

So You Want a PhD in Clinical Psychology?

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A professor discusses the path to become a clinical psychologist with her student.

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  • Is it really this expensive holy wow!

  • This is absolutely hilarious…and so true!

  • Cute video.  Still doing it though 🙂

  • This just nailed the problem of degree inflation WOW

  • I misread "criminal psychology", which I think is way cooler.

  • I am just going to sit in the corner and eat pizza for the rest of my life.#simple# since there is nothing else to look forward to. 

  • Damn

  • Male graduates are either married or homosexual. Boom. :p

  • Life coach here

  • Keeping it Real

  • This is weird

  • God damn it… 

    w8… I thought that graduate entry to an APA accredited program is fully funded… is that a delusion too?

  • This is so true, it's unbelieavable!

  • "I have to go home to my studio apartment and feed my 4 cats" LMAO

  • So I'll either be married or homosexual you say?

  • I really don't like these type of videos. Stop making an amazing and interesting career so horrible and dull!!!! Be positive !!

  • why is every single one of these videos so discouraging? whatever you want to become, you're screwed basically.

  • Just because this video or other people say that Being a pshycolgy Doctor is not that Nice as you thought… That does not mean you have to give up for your dream job, is your life and your choice, Maybe that's the experience that she went through, but if you choose your job as a psyhocogy Doctor to be different, you can, this also does not mean that Being a Psyhocogy Doctor is Bad, and that will change your life in Bad… This mean your dream job, your job that you're Confident with. The reason you choose this job was because you found it interesting and because you might like giving advice as you saw you're pretty good at it, right? So don't give up, your choice is your choice and this video will not change will life, believe me if you want to be something, you can!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • weird :/

  • what is the point of this… tell you that it is a bad idea to try hard? this is crap

  • This is great! If YOUR reasons for wanting a phD in psych, is because you want prestige, want to be called "doctor", want to be rich, want to tell people what to do, then this video addresses these reasons. HOWEVER, if you genuinely want to help people with mental and emotional suffering and are willing to sacrifice years of your life because you believe its worth it, then GOOD FOR YOU. You have the correct  reasons for wanting a phD. If you feel passion and joy from working one on one with patients and enjoy research and school, then this is for you! Its only a "dream kill" if you're one of those ppl who are in it for the MONEY. Clinical psychologists DO NOT make a lot of money. Go into finance for that. If you want to GIVE ADVICE, do NOT pick this profession. WHy? You are NOT ALLOWED to give much advice. You will be taught how to conduct therapy. Advice giving is mostly prohibited. Stop saying this kills dreams. It only kills dreams for ppl who arent meant to get a PHD in the first place! Anyone who GENUINELY cares SOO much about helping ppl that they are willing to delay their career till 30 DESERVES to get into a top phD program.

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