Simply Psychology: Oedipus Complex

Simply Psychology: Oedipus Complex

In this video I try to give a basic description of Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus Complex to help anyone who is curious about it or is having difficulty understanding it.

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  • wow you actually put a subliminal message in your video at 2:29 the old classic "buy more popcorn" 

  • A man in the woods wearing a mac… now I have mac envy

  • dude your windy as Mic ruined your speech

  • Yes I know about the bad mic during the live action parts. I didn't have a shotgun mic to record the audio and it was really windy every day for the entire week that I had planned to film. Besides the "animated" parts are what really matter and I'm working on fixing the audio problems for future videos. Or I'll just film in less crappy places.

  • Stupidest theory everr Sickman Fried…

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  • very good video!

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  • what are the theories that replaced freuds psychoanalysis?

  • What if a female had the male Oedipus Complex?
    As in those feelings toward her mother, while feeling hatred & jealousy toward the father, due to psychologically having sexual feeling for her mother.

  • Sigmund Freud, the Justin Bieber of psychology? Seriously what?

  • Justin beiber pf psychology lol

  • By the voice i was think you are a women.

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  • really good information and the ending entering into the jungle is superb …haha

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  • What is the music playing ?

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