Simply Psychology: Cognitive Dissonance

Simply Psychology: Cognitive Dissonance

In this video I try to explain Cognitive Dissonance in a way both informative and entertaining.

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  • isn't cognitive dissonance just another word for compromise ???

  • creepy haircut&beard…check…sunglasses….check….long brown rainjacket on a sunny day…check…..parkbench…check…
    what the fuck kind of look is he trying to pull off…..simply psychology??…simply sex offender….

  • Haha what's with this guy in a trenchcoat? I dislike him! Hmm this video was actually informative and entertaining… maybe he's not a bad guy after all…

  • Do you intentionally dress as the stereotype of a pedo? Is it a curious psychological experiment?


  • This video immediately helped my English essay on Othello #thanks

  • I thought this would end in unbiased compassion. people are scary.

  • I bet this guy gets laid all the time.

  • For example…white people are diagnosed with cognitive dissonance when it comes to racism 🙂

  • What is this, the Shire's resident psychologist?

  • Cognitive dissonance is extremely prevalent in politics and religion.

  • thanks! this gave me clarification.

  • You mean like Liberals chanting "Love Trumps Hate" while burning a Trump effigy. That ones my favorite

  • If only your example was true. Changing ones beliefs is only one way to deal with cognitive dissonance. There's also: 1) denial, 2)ignoring and 3) making up b.s. rationalizations. It seems to me that the world would be a much better and different place if we all rid ourselves of all our false ideas.

  • power of illusion and persuasion is what markets and sales cognitive dissonance

  • Buy more popcorn! Great short and sweet explanation, but will require more research for those completely unfamiliar with the subject though. Nice vid though!

  • 1:59 Buy more popcorn

    Really man? REALLY?

  • Buy. More. Fucking. Popcorn. Are you kidding me

  • Donald Trump saying he respects women while grabbing them by the pussy

  • No, that trenchcoat isn't creepy at all on you.

  • Why the fuck did I eat all my popcorn while watching this vid… I need to go buy some more.

  • No I will not buy more popcorn

  • Can confirm. Ben Franklin was a ladies man.

  • What if a third element is thrown in adding to the confusion. Like you have trauma issues. And people show in your life in disguise. They know you. But you dont know them in their disguise. It becomes emotional confusing. Add in you have cognitive issues from a concussion.

  • Would you experience dissonance if the person identified themselves to you. So your emotions would not be conflicted because you can relate to real.

  • Cognitive problems happen to me due to nerve damage relative to my concussion. Emotional message about who is there has a delay factor.

  • Why are you wearing that trench coat? Simply psychology 🙂

  • This would be a good video if you didn't try to poorly influence my behavior to buy more popcorn through subliminal messaging. 1:58

  • Psychology brought to you by creepy trench coat guy.

  • White people believing that their forfathers enslaving blacks is not a barrier to them in this current time.

  • Great video, stupid trench coat, though. Thumbs up. I don't watch the video; I just listen.

  • Hormones………mostly.

  • Are you a psychologist or just an interested layperson?

  • what is that symbol you use at 2:06  ?  is that a real math symbol? or did you just make it up?

  • So basically its just a fancy word for realizing that you were wrong. Fucking psychology- a waste of time pretending to be a "Science".

  • I need popcorn!

  • Comments section is mostly unintelligent and completely misses the point of the video: Defining Cognitive Dissonance. Like why should i care about what he's wearing? I'm here to get informed and not get offset by nitpicking his appearance and words.

  • I gave you a like but less of the subliminal messages (Buy more popcorn)

  • very cool video

  • First time seeing one of this guys videos and i already like him

  • If you are ready to overcome your cognitive dissonance, then google truth contest and read "The Present". The 1st page alone can turn this world into a heaven.

  • Great, informative video!

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • OMG I SUFFER FROM COGNITIVE DISSONACE. Today I wanted Ice-cream but I did not want to get fat. SO….. I ate the Ice-cream and then I went to the gym so I could cancel it out or some shit. isn't that kind of the same???

  • It's Konrad. He did it. All of it.

  • Reminds me of old school, school videos

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