SIGMUND FREUD – THE FATHER OF PSYCHOANALYSIS – NOVA – Discovery History Psychology (documentary)

SIGMUND FREUD – THE FATHER OF PSYCHOANALYSIS – NOVA – Discovery History Psychology (documentary)


sigmund freud – the father of psychoanalysis – nova (documentary). thanks for watching

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  • they're trying to create a dragon man. the chinese.

  • that's what the payxhology don't know

  • Dr. Crick please be more aware of a complex nature of our mind. How do you separate physiological from psychological?Buddhism teaches that they are both one, inseparable. NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO is the Law of the Universe, connecting all aspect of life. Thank you all.

  • Just another idiot serving the top psychopath. (and the psychopath is not an genius)

  • Many of Freud's ideas seem quaint or weird today… but, they were incredibly revolutionary and imaginative at the time. Psychiatry should have continued to concentrate on therapy, instead of today's pharmaceutical emphasis, which allows doctors and Big Pharma to exploit people's current belief that a pill can sort out their chemical imbalances.

  • A bit dated now, but still worth a read. Especially for those who write Freud off as a nut. Published in a well-respected academic journal. Westen, D. (1998). The scientific legacy of Sigmund Freud: Toward a psychodynamically informed psychological science. Psychological Bulletin, 124, 333-371.

  • As usual, a clear message from a brilliant mind tainted by mass media to gain advantage and to manipulate the facts.

  • so psychology basses is from a cocaine junkie how the fuck you can say he experienced for 10 years instead of adict :))

  • or is just another bullshit video :))

  • cooi

  • Madonna song Die Another day brought me here

  • IMO many of his theories have a lot of truth in them, I think he was ahead of his time.. Many people don't agree with him and they have a right to.. But i also think that all human beings have secrets and repressed mentality that makes them decide for them weather it is for Human philosophy or whatever kinds of belief and opinions they have, it just comes down to perspective.
    Human Thought and behavior is very complicated IMO because very few people are willing to recognize and talk about their own deepest feelings and thoughts..

  • Why are psychologosts so perverted.

  • 최초의 무의식의 발견자이자 정신분석학 창시자. 프로이트여 영원하라!

  • What a bunch of kookiness.

  • O'father the Lord Freud (Blessed almighty) and his holy prophet Jung. o'thee the lord in waiting. He is the proclaimed saviour of mother time. Lord Freud (Blessed almighty) is above all else. He is alive in his holy work and will return in other forms. Bless The Eternal Truth.

  • The House of Freud is the House of the most Holy. Bless this House.

  • I have proclimation to announce Nick Heyward is the living conduit of our father Freud

  • All of our problems are mental problems yet no one wants to do anything about it. …

  • the problem with thoughts is there are no ways to track them scientifically. We can only gather data through speach

  • Hi,We are currently conducting a research about the effects of learning about great psychologists on motivation of students who are interested in taking up Psychology as their major for college. We would like to ask for your consent to use your videos on youtube as an instrument for our research.Your consent would be much appreciated.Thank you.

  • Praise Freud and all his prophets including Marc Bolan, Sextus Octus, Barry Gibb & Timo Glock.

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