Sh*t Psychology Students Say

Sh*t Psychology Students Say

Okay so, we’re not actors but- Enjoy =)

PsychYoMind’s first video. We’ve got plenty more fun things in store for you…

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January 29, 2012 / 32 Comments / by / in
  • I don't say ANY of these things lol. I don't think this is completely accurate. Its not what Freud would say.. its was Jesus would say haha

  • 00:30 Wasssup girl, 😉

  • Sh*t Psychology,Students Say

  • This graduate with a PSYCH degree says…..MOST LAME VIDEO EVER. And I don't mean that subconsciously.

  • My favorite was "I'm never going to use stats anyway." Nice. 😀

  • Things psych students say: "Why did I get this useless ass degree?"

  • We don't mention Freud that much. In fact, everyone I know doesn't even like or agree with Freud's theories!

  • Freud? Lol…..

  • Really? Freud?? I'm in my final year in Psych and we had a single lecture summing up his theories followed by and explanation of how they were unscientific and outdated… : 

  • The only thing these videos do to me is freak me out! I watch the 'shit psyd students say' and the whole time I was thinking how the FUCK am I supposed to learn all of this terminology!?!

  • Not shit.

  • Not bullshit at the essay.

  • I could definitely relate to that statistics reference…lol. That class is so hard and Not needed!!!

  • no at all fact wze ar kinna of disagree with his theories

  • This would be more appropriate for Psychology 101 students (maybe!), not Psych majors.

    Freud is never mentioned that excessively, if at all.

  • ok so…can somebody tell me who the girl is????????????????????????????………………….

  • why is the majority of girls in a phycololgy class?

  • I would've thought psychology students would've said "unconscious" rather than subconscious, and would've said "parapraxis" instead of Freudian slip. APA stands for American Psychology Association, hypnosis is sombnabolism (although only restricted to psychodynamics/psychoanalysis). I'm a Sociology grad btw…

  • Freud…yeah we don't like talking about him. Him and his damn penis envy…

  • What Psych Community College students say

  • omd lool thats me all year round

  • If a judge sentenced me to either life in prison of getting a degree in Psycbabble I would gladly go to prison.

  • freud? really? .. so stupid

  • Shit Psych students say: "Freud? Really? Are you serious?"

  • More like shit retarded first class pshycology students say….

  • awful

  • lol i don't think Freud isn't really brought up all that much after your first year at least not in my classes

  • Freud is never mention, that excessively at all. They are embellished the whole psychology thing.

  • Am also persuing B.A psychology in kenya

  • Why Yawn and typing??

  • We don't yorn subconsciously -.-

  • I'm scared cause I find it hard to use a printer or a computer so I'm gonna find it hard

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