School Psychologist!

School Psychologist!

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  • Wow, I think the DSM Book would diagnose that as Crazyoffthehookismdation.
    from Chef Berlin

  • I can definitely relate! Thanks for cracking me up :0)…test & scramble!!

  • Test 5 kids in a day I'm stuntin' Hilarious!

  • You get an LOL, as my 6th graders would say 😉

  • OK, very clever! Thanks to Steve for finding it! Sharing it all over my contacts!

  • This school psych thinks this was hilarious!

  • Very Nice!! Great fun for National School Psychologist Week!

  • I LOVE this! I just got accepted into a School Psych program and will be starting in a matter of weeks! Hope I making the right choice 🙂

  • Very funny. I shared it with my Psy. D. cohort full of school psychologists…

  • Oh my gosh you all hit it right on!! I have experienced the report with typos and the person circling one too many times! Haha

  • Love it! I forwarded this to my colleagues. It boosted my spring misery.

  • Thank you all for taking the time to comment! We had a lot of fun making it and hope to make a few more! If you see us at NASP in the future please say hello! Here is to a quick Spring and early Summer!

  • Thank you! Spring Misery sounds like a great title for a video!

  • I am going to grad school for school psychology next year, and this video makes me SOOOO excited!

  • looooove it! wish I had run out the door with all of you, silly me decided to work ESY.

  • Was this video completed within 60 calendar days?

  • Very clever! Thanks for the laughs

  • I can completely relate! Great video, testing 5 kids in a day, been there…and I was given that same lap top less than a year ago and wouldn't even turn on, haha. Please make more! its nice to see that I am not alone in the craziness of being a school psychologist =)

  • haha, rofl! I was searching for videos of what its like to be  a school psychologist. I think this video give a descriptive and literal experience of a school psych more than anything else I will find on the net or ask people in real life. The funniest part was the quip about the speechies, haha
    Liam, Western Australia

  • #psychedpodcast has an episode this Sunday that would be relevant to you. I know it is last minute, but might you be interested in joining us as a guest? Shoot me an email if so

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