Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

Time to look behind the curtain.
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  • And you sound like a jerk, and she sounds likes she's trying to be "sexy"

  • Oh how my husband the great wise Steve has solved your riddle. No one is in the other room being shocked …but this this poor man Is but the victim to see how far the tester would go. …

  • Couldn't watch this with the shitty echo voice edit…..

  • This flick was okay. I was hoping it was going to be more about psychology. I used to despise the powers that be, but nowadays I abhor the sheeple much more and would very much like to get in on knowing more on how to manipulate them myself as it has proved to be quite easy and effective.

  • Dude "Gubbles"?

  • This sounds like something that came straight out of the Zionist protocols

  • annoying narration…

  • OK but why did you put an echo on your voice. Very hard to listen to

  • This was absolutely brilliant, and I loved every minute of it. Very well done. BUT using MLK as an example of a leader for free people (MLK was actually socialist) and never once referencing the authors of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights was a bad oversight.

  • Why the shadows?

  • Outs at the holocaust b.s. More like holohoax.

  • praying for me I have a son is autism he is 30year old he been in different groups home all of his life when he was little he needs help to learn his basic skills he needs to be in school just like him where he can learn he likes a child he needs to know how to act he don't go to sleep all ways through at night he had a nerve problem only God can help him not to keep repeat things over and over he likes to keep mess with his clothes like keep fold over and over don't know when stop mess with his clothes

  • 30:40 COVET. Should be COVERT.

  • "If you listen to fools, the mob rules"

  • time to wake up…

  • PFFT…children…some of the same words you use to uplift, you use to enslave…the hurt and pain preceded the killing, but I don't expect the understanding anymore…the hurt and pain happened way before man existed, and if you think that exonerates you….it doesn't…

  • Makes you think.

  • Jesus Christ said when you hear them say peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon you.

  • We know we are enslaved. What is the solution?

  • seriously, that reverb on your voice is keeping me from paying attention.

  • Holy shit…

  • Where is part 2? How many parts are there?

  • 22:40 .. to teach eugenics is to curse people, to keep them from worshipping the true God, who does not choose a person because of his bloodline, but because he desires His Word.. Abraham was childless and asked if one who grew up with his household, Eliezer of Damascus, would be his son, but the Lord said, No… And after Sarah suggested that he should have a child with Hagar, the Lord said, No… but the child was by promise, chosen by the Lord, created by Him – see Gen 21 : 1-2, kjv…
    not by blood (not a bloodline), not by the will of man (I choose to adopt..) nor by the will of the flesh ("let us make a baby"), but by his Will… God loved Jacob, and hated Esau. He drew one and not the other. But did Esau ever attempt to seek Him? I guess some are not meant to be saved, but they who are meant to be saved, will they be?… You need His Word, to be a Son of God, as Jesus said, the Seed is the Word of God… Noah's brothers and sisters did not get invited to join him in the Ark, did they? A wise man, but who of his children will receive of His Word?

  • Politics, how like a theatre play?

  • The love of power is hardly ever the power of love but maybe this can change if the signs strongly point to a power shift.

  • Aargh! You sound like a padded cell. Try mono without needless acoustics.

  • Many in the GOP, those in the CFR, the founders/owners of all the gigantic corporations cited in this video (as well as their allies) form an absolute bunch of filthy corrupt dishonest greedy assassins of millions of people across this planet. Such creatures mounted on piles of hard cash (their only and absolute god) are a shame to the human race. Hopefully in the future humankind will b free of such vile psycopaths and we'll b able to enjoy a better world for the next generations.

  • For what do the hidden government feel the need to wield this power towards it's own citizens, those that we see and say is good have been corrupted from the start. The voice of power, is all that is needed to corrupt those we see as good. But to what end. The corrupted public figures do it to get paid, but to the ones pulling the strings, to what end?

  • goose pimps

  • As great as this video is don't you think the russian intelligence is using the same methods to demonize the US… Mostly through bogus conspiracy theories???

  • Please people learn to pronounce names correctly. It's irritating and makes you look stupid when instead of Goebbels you say "Gobbles"…

  • Would be a lot easier to understand this if the narrator were not talking into a bucket

  • great job making this video.  it is very well done.  problem is that many people won't watch it after reading the title.  it's for that reason we are fucked.  instant denial with people, it's an amazing piece of the picture.

  • how do we take them down?

  • who says you are to be trusted.

  • Example: Irak was attacked after Sadam Housein signed an agreement with French and German to sell oil for euros instead of usd. As proven later the so called mass extermination gases where never found and was a "mistake". He might not have been a "holy man" but wars are not fought for principals , they cost money and they are fought for interests.

    I mean no disrespect for the people that fight and fought thinking the good of their country, in all sides, I respect them. Yet those strange "coincidences" are disturbing me I fear

  • Entertaining video. Nice music.

  • I would recommend watching "The Wizard Of Oz", yea, we're not in Kansas anymore."EVERY WISH FULFILLED" E.T.


  • This is very well put together, but as constructive criticism, I have to say that the echo-y voice and tension music in the background made it difficult to follow the narrator after a time. Great, revealing clips in this one.

  • I didn't learn much about the psychology of power from this video. :-/ It's not very coherent either. Smells of conspiracy theories to me.

  • What's with the echo-chamber voice? Is that supposed to make me feel like oooooh, there's something really evil happening here. Group psychology is easy, we're a gregarious species and depend on others for our safety, therefore we're often willing to suspend our own sense of self for the group, and thus become a pack. We're plagued by fear of the unknown and try to make sense of it so it's easy for people with ulterior motives to manipulate us. Therefore I'm suspicious of the way this video is presented, because it's obvious that you designed it to play on those fears to get people to listen to you. Unfortunately the echo-chamber thing makes it difficult to follow what you're saying and is extremely irritating. So there's no way I can follow this all the way through. You've defeated yourself.

  • Interesting info but awful narration.

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