Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank

Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank

Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank

Name  Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank

The Rotter’s incomplete sentence blank is an attempt to standardize the sentence completion method for the use at college level. Forty stems are completed by the subject. These completions are then scored by comparing them against typical items in empirically derived scoring manuals for men and women and by assigning to each response a scale value from 0 to 6. The total score is an index of maladjustment.

  • School children
  • College children
  • Adults
Time  It takes 20 minutes
Author Julian Rotter
Publisher The Psychological Corporation New York

The Rotter Incomplete Sentence test is a projective test where you are given a series of incomplete sentences that you are supposed to finish. Children, adolescents, student, adults.

Scoring  It has two type scoring Adjusted and maladjusted

All four versions have high inter-rater reliability and moderate internal consistency


 All four versions have established diagnostic validity – test scores discriminate between persons known to be well-adjusted or poorly-adjusted on the basis of independent criteria. Theoretical validity has been tested for the Child version – RISB scores correlate with anxiety and parental attitudes but not with school grades.


 The RISB has been normalized for primary school grade VII (now junior high school, grade I) pupils (children version), secondary school grade III (now secondary school grade II) pupils (adolescent version), college students (students version), adults (adults version) and for soldiers in basic military service (version for soldiers).

Suggested Uses

 It has four versions: for children, for adolescents, for students and for adults (including subversion for soldiers).

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