Research Methods in Psychology, Part 1

Research Methods in Psychology, Part 1


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  • Great post very esay to understand thanks

  • hey i see philip zimbardo!

  • UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA: Please do not have individuals try to hack my computer. Please do not use my credit report to have my credit card companies exploit my personal information. Please do not involve illegally USPS postal employees into tampering with my mail.

  • 7:41 Hey, it's Osho! =D

  • psychology has always been a mystery to me.

  • he is narrating it !

  • The majority A-Level students want to pass their exams. If you don't follow teachers and textbooks you fail.

  • hell yea!

  • are they trying to make us "think" they are making progress? Are they really making progress?

  • It depends on your definition of "progress". There has been a lot of research done (check PsycInfo, with over 3 million published articles in their index), and although scientific theories by definition have to be falsifiable, nothing is 100% certain. For example, I am fairly sure that just about everyone is a bit more racist than they will admit. In an emergency situation, I am less likely to get help as the number of onlookers *increases*.

  • So, is it a real science as they want us to believe? What do you think about the pharmaceutical aspect of this field?E

  • was that Sapolsky studying the baboons?

  • I see a potato was used in the filming of his video

  • I love the end of this video where he talks about beliefs in the supernatural, but ignores christianity and instead focuses on voodoo…. gotta love the bias.LOL

  • Some quick research can tell us that this video is at least 20 years old. Dr. Maslach has her paper about her establish Maslach Burnout Inventory in 1996, so we can reasonably believe that her interview in this video was done before her findings were published. And then there is that newspaper article from 1988… While the key points still are able to be understood through this video, it would better for current students to view material that takes place in a time closer to the present and their own frame of reference.

  • if we didn't have the study of psychology we would be lost!!

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