Research Methods AS: Part 1 | Psychology

Research Methods AS: Part 1 | Psychology

Psychology: Research Methods AS: Part 1

WILL and SARAH take a look at AS Psychology focussing on the AQA Specification A and Unit 1 (PSYA1). Over the series you will be told everything you need to know to get full marks, and a tiny bit more!

WAHEY Productive produces this podcast aiming to help YOU with your revision.

Series Title: Psychology AQA Spec A Unit PSYA1 Episode (9/11) – Research Methods Episode (1/3).

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  • would have helped if you showed some pictures or animations or atleast your faces!had to double focus but thanks!

  • Thanks for the comment! These videos were originally created as podcasts for listening to like an audiobook, but our A2 videos are all animated! I hope you're enjoying psychology!

  • HI your videos are really helpful as you have basically done the same AS's as me, was wondering if you had a video on directional and non directional hypothesis because i can never remember it, thanks

  • These videos have been really useful, I am doing a foundation year of psychology at university and this has helped immensely. One criticism though, there are no slides…

  • good information, but wasn't expressed too clearly and no video or any kind of visual images to help with learning. the pace and structure of the content wasn't particularly easy to follow nor memorable. 

  • So helpful thank you!!!!

  • Thank you so much 😀

  • Thank you for this helpful video, but at 2:21 I can't make out the word "..because it's harder to guess the ____ of the study" Could you please tell me what it is?
    Thank you! 🙂

  • Just the other day I sat my psychology paper and the night before I made sure to watch these videos on research methods, and I can say that I genuinely believe I would not have been able to answer 75% of the questions on the paper if I hadn't seen these videos! Thanks so much for these!

  • Super useful thanks

  • SUPER USEFUL! Thank you lots! 😀

  • will, you are a legend

  • What would I do without you guys! I'd literally given up on revision until I came across all of your psychology revision

  • I have my mock exam today and I honestly think this video has just saved my life

  • You're life savers, omg thank you so much! I was in the process of looking at my research methods work and about to cry aha, it's hard to structure for revision. Thank you so much!

  • It would be really helpful if u had a podcast onto soundcloud, I'll allow us to listen without youtube

  • Unit 1 exam tomorrow ahhh. These videos are so helpful 🙂

  • I have my exam resit tomorrow and this video may have just saved my life ! Thank you so much !

  • Does this information also apply if you are doing Psychology B instead of A, cos nobody does any work on Psychology B so is the research method info the same in both A & B or is it completely different?

  • nice little bit of cramming before tomorrow…


  • Maybe talk a little slower

  • I didn't understand what was said at 5.04-5.13?

  • Could you talk a bit slower and with a bit more enthusiasm just sounds like you're reading out the text book

  • How were you guys able to explain to me 2 months worth of experimental psychology class in 15 minutes?!? Unbelievable! Thank you!

  • does this help with OCR?

  • I'm not sure whose voice is more annoying…

  • Oh my god I thought these two were a father and his daughter before actually checking out the channel Jesus

  • 2 months worth of research methods classes. very helpful video

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