Remembering and Forgetting – Crash Course Psychology #14

Remembering and Forgetting – Crash Course Psychology #14

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In this REALLY IMPORTANT EPISODE of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about how we remember and forget things, why our memories are fallible, and the dangers that can pose.

Table of Contents
How Memories are Stored 01:12:05
Retrieval Cues & Priming 02:19:10
Context & Mood Influences 03:00:09
How Information is Forgotten 04:34:20
Interference & Misinformation 06:21:06
Issues with Eyewitness Accounts 07:02:23

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May 12, 2014 / 32 Comments / by / in
  • dank catacombs alright lol

  • Ironic how I've forgotten stuff for my psychology exam on memory tomorrowđŸ¤”

  • I thought he meant hedgehog.

  • if you focus on an event are you likely to remember those memories?

  • I saw a news story once where a guy ran into a college lecture and stole the professors laptop and then ran out of the room. The guy was the professors friend and the whole thing was a set up but the students were not aware of this. This was a law class and nearly all of the students wrote down the wrong color and type of clothing and pinned the wrong guy in a line up.

  • Bernice again!

  • +

  • he talks way tooooooooo fast!!!!!!

  • You said that we tend to not remember things we don't notice. But do you ever do that thing when someone's talking to you and you're not really listening to what they're saying, then like 10 seconds later you realise it was important. Idk I just find it weird because I wasn't even listening in the first place idk how it got inside my brain.

  • potatoes

  • M.

    chom chom thief*

  • 6:35 when playing violin, I sometimes forget that on the E string three fingers means high A, however, when playing my saxophone, two fingers means high A and three means G. It gets pretty confusing.

    Or I also play ukulele and six hole flute, with the uke, I sometimes finger it like it's a violin, fingers curved as far as they can go, so as to optimize finger speed and increase accuracy when only using one finger, which is usually the case on violin, but not on uke. It's pretty problematic since I use my fingers without thinking or else I slow down.

    It's near impossible when I have violin practice on the same day I have band. Or because of block scheduling, I go a day without playing sax, meaning if I play one instrument between this time, I get mixed up for band.

    Like I know what to do? But my fingers just go without meaning too, because they see that note and associate that note with a fingering automatically, which also makes sharps and flats hard for me (and like anyone who has ever touched an instrument).

    Thanks, brain.

    (Sorry I am Band Nerdâ„¢)


  • OK watches the videos I'm ready for my psychology exam, at least I think so I forget.

  • Who the hell is Bernice?! đŸ˜”đŸ˜”

  • Bet a lot of humans are here cramming.
    sits alone, as a 14 yesrokd, at 0329 eating chocolate nerding out on psychology stuff

  • The one who stole the bananas is my avatar lmao!

  • I nutted

  • I love the animations​

  • My two hobbies, watching BTS crack and watching CrasH Course later and then trying to link the two together

  • Am i the only one who thinks this dude has the same speaking patter as sexy phill

  • What the hell are bananas?

  • also suggest a book on the subject, memory,.

  • 2:04 Too bad Inside Out…too bad

  • 3:20 literally me

  • cant remember your name but thank you sir , i recently had 4 strokes withaquired brain injury . this information was more valuable to me than all of the professional diagnosis i received so far im lucky to be alive however while im alive im still educating myself

  • Armadillo in French is Tattoo. That's how I remembered. At first, I thought, tattoo! Then I remembered to wait what is a tattoo in English, right, armadillo.

  • Who else is watching this 0.75 slower?

  • *Grabbed a case of Chom-choms.

  • was that Holden Caulfield?

  • It's amazing and scary how confident and stubborn we humans can be at times despite these amazing weaknesses in how our minds decide what reality is…

  • No don't steal the choms choms!!!

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