RELATIONSHIPS: Psychology of Attraction

RELATIONSHIPS: Psychology of Attraction

Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey breaks down the psychological nuts and bolts of why we’re attracted to the people we are in this first video on relationships. He also comments on the unique challenges for gay men and how insight can help.


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  • In my case normally its the drugs… I like a lot of people when I'm high

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  • hello matthew i like what you are saying because i understand what you are sharing about relationship cause i was in a very happy relationship my partner and i was together over twenty five year's his name was aaron

  • Hey did you hear that Konevita Jelken is finally opening up about the one thing she did to attract the man of her dreams? You can google her if you’re curious about her confession!

  • in the 14 years I've dated, the "hi im jeff" scenario has always been met with, "Hi, Im (blank), oh you're really sweet…" #end When you talk about these things it gets me frustrated because its not the same on the other side of the coin. So many of us are "not allowed' or given the opportunity because of the "hot or not" mentality. #bodyissues

  • man .u knowledge sounds to be very basic and you use sentence which u should not like for example "I know that person "these things don't exist just some people use them . I don't know why you want to present relationships like a story for children .

  • Is he a gay? He's too cute to be a gay XD

  • 5:19 … or he's a dirty, filthy slob who never cleans anything EVER…

  • Are there any gay dating apps for men who are actually seeking deeper relationships and ONLY deeper relationships?

  • I really loved it.

  • May I have your email id?

  • Thank you! I appreciate these videos and the compassion that goes with it.

  • Crushing on Matthew so hard. So eloquently spoken and puts things into perspective.

  • I can not believe that this video is way back from 2015! I just love listening to you because you find the words to say what is already in my mind, for that I am really grateful. Keep going, best of luck from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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  • I read plenty of superb reviews on the net about how Mofedest Miracle (do a google search) can assist you to finally knowing the true secrets laws of attraction by using it. Has any one tried this popular secrets?

  • is there any tt for homosexual urges specially if u've been resisting for years trying to be Normal:Its killing me… plz help?

  • If my psyc prof were like you, even just for a little bit, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get a D lol


    .you could have said "girl" & made it comfortable for everyone

    its not that i dont like gays, nice people. But i rather not see or hear about gay relationships with men

  • I love your advice

  • I love your channel and how well you announce your perspective, from both a psychological & experimental (albeit, Im sure, hopeful) stature.
    I may be using my father's account, but I just had to leave you a comment of appreciation.
    I am not homosexual, although I tend to greatly relate with your mention of emotional trauma. Your video has made love seem far less confusing, despite living in the newly introduced confusing of ptsd. Definitely going to be working hard on my mind in hopes to pull through & end up on the lightest side of my new relationship.
    Deepest thanks, and much love. 💜


  • I've been told about the "spark" but I've never felt it myself. Matthew's comments make me think that it's because I don't see or feel myself so I can't really see other men.  I think that explains why other gay men aren't attracted to me…they can't get a sense of me as a person. It goes both ways, I suppose. Thanks for this Matthew.

  • I love this song 🙂

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  • You are so handsome

  • when you said "as gay men…" i laughed cause this is totally helping me too and i am not a gay man !

  • I love this video! And I would love to talk to you inperson if I have the opportunity ..

  • Why my English is so bad? 😭😭
    I watch it three times and still there are some part that I cant understand 😞
    Please use subtitle
    Love u from far far away

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