Reasons To Be A Psychology Major

Reasons To Be A Psychology Major

The first video in a new series I am starting called “Psych 101” where I talk about everything psychology related! What are your reasons for being a psychology major let me know down below! If you have any suggestions for the next “Psych 101” video let me know down below as well!







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Hello! My name is Kristen, I am 22 years old, from Sacramento CA, and I am graduating in the Spring with my BA in Psychology. I created this channel for three reasons that are very close to my heart. One, to help others be able to tell their stories and be advocates for mental health. Two, to give recovery tips and tricks to help others find the help they need. And three, to spread awareness for mental health issues to fight the stigma surrounding it. The more we talk about mental illness the more normalized it will be in our society and the more people will not be ashamed to get help!

☆ DISCLAIMER ☆ I am not a professional. If you are seeking professional advice please go see your primary care doctor or therapist. The information in this post is based on personal experiences, personal knowledge, or research I have done on the subject. These videos are not an alternative to therapy and are not meant to be used for self diagnosis. If this is an emergency please call 911, call your local crisis line or go to your nearest hospital.


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  • I took intro to psych and this summer I'll be in developmental! Then in fall ill take abnormal! I am a child development major but now I really want to do psychology!

  • sorry to comment again, but will your scars affect you job because you may be unstable? x

  • I'm double majoring in psychology and biology for my pre-med track 😊

  • i'm so late on this but i'm so glad i found this video. right now i'm just taking a general college program which is to be taken in preparation for university or a competitive college program, and i've really been hoping to get into psychology in university (most of the courses i've taken in this program have been psych courses). it's the first real passion i've had but i always wondered if i'd be looked down upon for struggling with mental health issues myself. i've aways been afraid that i wouldn't be able to succeed since i've struggled to get through just basic college, and that it would be considered "ironic" i suppose, to try and get into the field that deals with what i struggle with. but this video honestly made me feel so much better about it. i love everything about psychology and i want to major in it so that i'm able to make a difference for people who struggle the way i have, as well as i absolutely love learning about people and how our minds work. thank you so much for this video, it makes me want to get into psychology that much more! 🙂

  • I originally was going to school to become a teacher and I took Child Development Psychology, Intro to Learning, and Educational Psychology because I thought it would be useful for teaching. I found them so interesting I have actually switched to becoming a Psych Major!

  • I've been searching for purpose my entire life; a way to help others, help myself, and do good, to help people transcend their pain and issues to become better and do better. I've thought about psychology many times, but I was on edge if i should do it or not, your video just pushed me past that edge. So much of what you said, especially the part about doing good for myself and others, understanding WHY people do things, and why they don't. thank you for this

  • I'm starting college this fall, and taking Psychology as a major is definitely one of my big options on my list. I've always been passionate about it, and people always seem to come to me for advice or when they're upset. For awhile I've wanted to be a Christian Counselor. But sooo many people keep telling me to not major in Psychology because graduates aren't finding jobs, and as much as I'd love to pursue that career, that's very daunting. Any two -cents on what everyone keeps telling me?

  • I love the positive energy in this video. I'm glad you came up in my recommended. 🙂 so far I've taken intro, abnormal, social, developmental, research 1 & 2, personality, human services (related but not in psych), child psych, and I'm signed up for research 3 and a seminar in clinical psych focusing on autism spectrum disorders in the fall. Oh and I'm an online student 100% now and I love it so much more. I'm an independent learner and I enjoy school without being in a classroom with my peers (which is something I know I have to get over). I plan to take theories of learning, health psychology, psych & women, and another personality or clinical psych seminar before I graduate. 🙂 there really are way more areas of psych than just learning about mental illness (because that's just abnormal/clinical psych, my favorite). I'm glad you mentioned it! And I'm planning on applying to a part time grad school program for social work when I'm done. It's such a broad field and you can do a lot!

  • did you do gastric sleeve

  • Hi! I'm going to start Psychology in the university in two weeks and I'm soooo nervous about it because I have mental issues. I have talked with some people that have the same "problem" and they think that it sounds hypocrite to study psychology if you haven't recover yet. I'm still fighting against my problems and I may have some relapses and it scares me and makes me doubt about myself. Do you think that I should be recovered to study this or is it not like that…?
    And I know it may be stupid for some of you but I'm scared of what peolple think and I need some advice. Thank you.

  • I kinda wanna do phycology cause to me mental disorders are really interesting I'm in college btw

  • I'm not used to your hair…

  • Great video… I'm a double major in Criminology and Psychology…. Love both, but have to admit I do love psychology just a little more…

  • I'm currently taking a Psych class and as I'm looking at colleges to go to, I have realized how much it has always interested me. I have been caught between majoring in psych or English but this video has definitely helped me in which I want to major in. Thank you!

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  • I majored in psychology. I don't think it's a difficult major, at least as far as understanding the concepts are concerned. The only exception to that would be some of the upper year research courses, advanced statistics, and psychometrics. However, I'm not sure anyone actually failed these courses, and they let everyone pass by due to curving it. The volume of the work, on the other hand, is another story, both in terms of depth and breadth. Getting through it was like a full time job, and there was little time for anything else.

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  • This video was so informative! I think I might be interested in doing this as one of my majors in college. Thank you so much for all of the information.

  • Good video very informative keep them coming, I am 26 I have a degree in dentistry but decided that it is not for me I am not happy with it, it's a big career change but I now know that psychology is something i will enjoy, although, it is very daunting and my anxiety flares up, do you have tips on how to deal with it? Thanks!

  • Well I am a freshman in high school and my career of study was to be veterinarian. Now I am thinking about changing it to psychology.

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    Please stop encouraging young, naive students to major in something useless only to regret it later on after they graduate. The only thing you can do with a psych degree is teach, and if you don't wanna do that then you'll be slaving away at a min wage job for the rest of eternity.

  • This video helped me A LOT thank you so much💕

  • can I just know Whr u did ur pyschocolgy major!

  • I really hope I will finaly manage to become a psychologist

  • actually im not sure if i will take psychology its just that im feeling scared or should i say second though about it? 1st thingbi like is music coz when i lisyening to it it comforts me i feel the song i can relate so easily thats why thats the time when i think maybe psychology could help me too sometimes im emotional sometimes im hardheaded i dont know what to do actually but i keep on moving forward and finding away to get or to work on it.There alot of thing coming in my mind reason why i want to be psychology my imagination is to big and deep thats why im doughting my self i love reading stories with different genre especially watching movies too and im a thinker person theres alot question on my mind like you said qhere this come from why im am feeling this thats why i want to look for the answer and use it to make on complete me do u think im suited? to be a psychology?

  • I'm not sure if I want to major in psychology or sociology what can help me decide

  • Well done that was amazing, I am Electrical Engineer, But I feel that Psycho is best for me..

  • Hi, fist of all thank you for this wonderful video 🙂 So… I've wanted to help people and been intersted in the human brain and human behavior as long as i can remember. That's why I am so passionate about psychology. But I am afraid the if I graduate I won't be able to find work, and if I do, I'm worried I will make little to no money and lose interest in this fascinating subject…. Is anyone else struggling with this thought? (I'm sorry for any grammar errors English is not my first language :D)

  • So I'm an incoming senior in HS and I was hoping to go to SFA for a psycology major, would you recommend this?

  • I love the brain And I am interested in the brain. XD could this be smart to major in psychology from a former pre nursing student?

  • I'm going to be a senior in highschool this year, while I've told them that I want to be an Art Teacher, I'm very interested in Psychology and I considered at some point of being a child therapist. I'm looking into psychology minors, even though through an education major you'll have to learn psychology anyway because we need to know how a student can learn and ways to teach them. I'm thinking about taking a psychology minor anyway because what if I love it and decide to change my major to psychology? I'm just really torn on what I want to do with my life lol.

  • Really enjoyed this video, you should continue on this segment.

  • I'm starting my 1st semester at Monroe Community College, majoring in psychology… this really helped me solidify my decision and remind me why I'm doing it. Thank you so much!

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  • Thank you for this! I'm a senior in high school and I've been really freaking out about whether I should follow this Psychology major path.

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