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Batool asked 2 years ago

Hello i need to know about dogmatic and personal religiosity scale (DPRS Urdu) u have uploaded on this site. kindly tell me  the details about the author of this scale. so that i can use it by taking proper permission.

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Muhammad Aamir Staff answered 1 month ago

Respected we found below information for you about Dogmatic and Personal Religiosity Scale Urdu
Abdul Wahab Liaquat
Lecturer in Psychology
Govt. Postgraduate College
Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (for correspondence)
In order to measure the dogmatic religiosity of students, “Dogmatic and Personal Religiosity Scale (DPR-Scale)” by Lind and Kietzig (Revised-2011) was used (provided by Lind through personal communication). It is a 16-item 4 point Likert scale with response format “1 as Not at all to 4 as absolutely yes.”  Item No. 1 to 11 measure the dogmatic religiosity and item No. 12 to 16 measure personal religiosity. The test mostly contained questions related to fundamental Muslim faith; these aspects are classified as dogmatic as people usually use religious criteria instead of some rational approach for such beliefs. The test was translated and adapted into Urdu language and only the dogmatic religiosity subscale of the DPR-scale was used for the present research, the personal religiosity subscale was dropped due to cultural irrelevance. Following the method used by Saeidi-Parvaneh (2011), participants were classified as more dogmatic if they got scores ranging from 3 to 4, while participants with scores less than 3 were classified as religiously less dogmatic.