PY2025 – Lecture 01 – Introduction and History of Cognitive Psychology (2014)

PY2025 – Lecture 01 – Introduction and History of Cognitive Psychology (2014)

All lecture slides are now available for download:

Please note that this is the Video of last year (2014), because this year the recordings went wrong. However, this is not too different from this year’s lecture, so it is better than nothing.

Set resolution to at least 480p to read the slides. Apologies for the rather bad sound quality, this can hopefully be improved in the next lectures.


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  • I am studying Psychology at a British College in Greece, and I found this video helpful! Great work!

  • Very Helpful Sir…. Thank u!!!

  • I used this to create a timeline for my Cognitive -behavorial therapy course, very helpful.  Thank you!

  • 100% Andre

  • Thank you so much.  I am studying psychology on line and my university doesn´t post any lectures to watch so this has been wonderful. You have a great pedagogical style; clear, concise, animated and you have great English! Thanks again!

  • Thank you so much Mr Andre. I am studying Psychology through distance learning and your lecture has been a great help.

  • Reminds me of my classroom, always one sick student who couldn't just stay at home while very well knowing that the sessions were being recorded.

    PS: an enormous and huge THANK YOU to Mr. Szameitat for authorizing your sessions to be on Youtube!

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