Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Psychopaths probably make up around 20 per cent of the prison population in both the USA and Britain. They are four times more likely to re-offend than other released prisoners, yet they are just as likely to get parole. Little is known about the minds of psychopaths and what is really behind the horrific things they do – but Equinox tackles the subject in this insightful documentary. Professor Robert Hare – consulted by the FBI and British Home Office – is the undisputed oracle on the psychopathic mind.

In Psychopaths, he reveals stunning new evidence behind their behaviour, and suggests people should look to the brain for clues and not bad upbringing. This programme examines the Psychopathy Checklist, IQ distribution and blending in to social norms; and reports the peculiar phenomenon that treatment programmes make psychopaths re-offend earlier and more aggressively.

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March 15, 2017 / 41 Comments / by / in
  • I am a functioning psychopath, well sometimes I function. I have a dull sense of emotion, I just really don't care about anyone, except for when they have a means to an end I need, but I can act like I do care really well I have learned use facial expression that everyone else uses, but I don't feel them. I know how to get what I want, cause I am convincing and smart. But like some others have said not all psychopaths are murderers, I have never killed anyone, but throughout my life I have struggled and had to control, some very brutal and violent thoughts. Some days I have total social anxiety and other days I am like a professional business man and can win a crowd. Its a very sad and hard thing to live with, trust me I know, Psychopaths do not choose to be this way we are born this way. We do have feelings like others do its just that our feelings are more dulled down and down connect well with our facial expressions and actions. Sometimes I do care and feel, but most of the time that is not so, and I have to put on a mask to live in society. So anyone out there that is suffering in the way I am out there I know its hard and confusing but hang it there cause if I can do it you can too.

  • if 1 of every 200 people is a psycho (.5%) that means we have 7.5 million psychopaths in the USA alone. Im not leaving my house anymore!

  • Is it weird that I often think about murder? Not murdering someone, just I think about how it would be done in general. Like if I see a person standing on the edge of stairs I think what would happen if I pushed them and how would I then hide the body, if there are no people or cameras around, would it be possible and how messy the corpse would be? I think about it in the smallest details. I often make entire plans about how to murder someone, but I don't WANT to kill anyone. Just theoretical plans. Is it weird?

  • "Psychopaths can sing the lyrics but they can not respond to the melody."
    1. I thought that that is the way to describe a SOCIOpath.
    2. That's going into a song.

  • he looks like ace ventura

  • its very common psychopaths adopt the Buddhist faith to hide the fact they are psychopaths

  • "Psychopaths are not insane"

    They might be, psychopaths have an inability to learn from past mistakes. That's pretty much insanity.

  • An add 1 min into a video will get a thumbs down every time for me. Can't stand YouTube anymore.

  • This guy has the worst teeth I've seen in awhile 5:25.

  • These psychologists should use, I think its a Jungian or Freud technique, where they sit BEHIND the patient during a session so the patient cannot SEE the psychologist's reactions as the patient is talking & therefore the patient has a more difficult time manipulating & assessing the psychologist, forcing the patient to project onto the psychologist his/her own inner thoughts ~ which would offer insight into the truth behind the lies of the psychopath. Hope someone has thought of this already.

  • Im pretty sure my son falls into this category. I wish someone could test him. One thing you cant do is ask him questions, he would answer every question falsely in order to try to outwit the interviewer. Is that in itself a hint of psychopathy?

  • scientists are retarded. psychopaths do the deeds because they like doing those things.

  • side show bob the first guy

  • Karl looks like how Kip from Napoleon Dynamite would dress and style himself if he was trying to adopt a cool, tough persona.

  • Some psychopaths are able to deal with their issues, and at least on the surface appear normal. I also had a friend who had been diagnosed as a psychopath, but due to his upbringing he was able to be almost self-aware of his actions, and chose to try and be a good person rather than just do whatever he wanted.s

  • No offense, but at 19.30 in —- Prof Adrian Raine, Neuroscientist —- seems to overlook the video doc of OJ demonstrating extreme fatigue — or the effects of some pharmacological top secret infusion. Truth will surface, eventually. Until then, we wish peace and happiness to everyone.

    Give Peace A Chance

  • 40:22 did he just call him "Bob" hare?

  • The guy in the thumbnail looks like Christopher Moltisanti

  • What if psychologists who invent and use "Psychopath checklists" are the psychopath, and they juts do this whole thing to take revenge on people they envy, and they'll do any fraud, because they are psychopaths?

  • Ok but not all psychopaths kill people. Other than that cool documentary


  • I'm wondering. Is psychopathy hereditary? If you are born a psychopath, but not made psychopath, then how does it suddenly occur in one person and not the other?
    Imagine the case of a person who's one or other parent is psychopath, but who doesn't grow up in that person's influence. Are there chances that this child turns out to be a psychopath?

  • for those saying donald trump is a psychopath, obviously you didnt grasp the concept of what a psychopath is… (and no i didnt vote for him)

  • All the brain scans prove is what areas of the brain "light up". They don't prove lack of free will to change those patterns.

    In other words, the people may be unconsciously slanted towards thinking in ways that light up the scans to show psychopathy or simply choosing to think in ways that cause it to light up, but it's possible that they can drop those lines of thought or change the habit with some awareness of the problem. Of course, it's also possible that they would rather be that way even if they have the choice to think/ behave more "normally".

    I look at psychopathy and I have a difficult time classifying it as a bad thing; at least, when I look at it from the psychopath's perspective. In a lot of ways psychopaths are much stronger organisms than what most would deem to be "normal" people. They aren't moved by emotions like most of us. Because they don't concern over others, their energy can be focused more on achieving their own goals vs. being a substantially inhibited by worry/ anxiety over what effects those actions may have on others.

    Why would one choose to suffer from emotional baggage and have that drag them down when they can choose instead to be emotionally detached and a high achiever? I'd certainly be hitting the mental button to turn emotion off, I don't know about you.

    But I have my own personal reasons for thinking this way. I'm a man who's always had his sights set on big things for himself, willing to make great sacrifices to create the life that he wants. I'm also a very selfish man who doesn't like the idea of "settling" with a woman. I want greatness, not to be held back by a woman's jealousy and I especially don't want to be forced by "authorities", who are likely psychopaths themselves, to give up half of what I earn to a woman just because I don't want to be with her anymore.

    In this world where the strong prey upon the weak like wolves among sheep, I'd rather be the man free from the grips of emotion, uninhibited by social constructs. A man who can rule his own world as he would have it.

  • Well that first dudes story def pulled me into watching this. I just don't understand how their brains work so differently than mine, I wish I could get into this field of study.

  • Welcome to US govt

  • so a psychopath is actually a slimy two face shitbag that might commit a murder , apart from the last part thats most of the people i meet everyday.

  • That 10:37 twirl 😂 meeee lol

  • The guy in the thumbnail is a nerd.

  • Wrong…… Not born in all case's. Some are made from the life they lived as children…..

  • Guy with long hair will rape a young girl the day he's released.

  • What happen if they get married? They didn't love the partner?

  • I'm jealous of Wane's long golden locks

  • Very interesting documentary

  • A person can become a psychopath when they've been rejected from inclusion of the world and it's population. Psychopaths are born when they're not given the same chances of a pursuit of life, liberty and justice.

  • These cho mos deserve nothing

  • In some ways I'm a psychopath

  • Points out the polar bears like that sells it…

  • Ok, first of all the mental illnesses that psychopaths suffer from is A.S.P.D. (anti-social personality disorder), the terms psychopath and sociopath are UNOFFICIAL and only there to categorize the symptoms. Sociopaths are more rowdy,impulsive,narcissistic,careless,and can feel empathy but only for specific people ( those specific people they usually cling to). While psychopaths CANNOT feel ANY empathy for anyone. In order to appear as if they do feel empathy they observe people and their body language/facial expression to see how you are suppose to look when you feel an emotion. They plan out their "attacks" very carefully and precisely. You have to show symptoms before the age of 14 but cannot be diagnosed until they're 18.

  • So did the first guy actually kill his brother? Or did he just talk about his imagination of it as if it happened?

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