psychopath mri – general psychology

psychopath mri – general psychology

psychopath mri


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  • The world is ruled and controlled by psychopaths. From government, banking, corporations, Hollywood, etc, etc.

  • I am a sociopath. Love & cheers heh heh he.

  • Good job!

  • They should've done post-mortem MRI's on Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine shooters).

  • yeah psychopaths always take the ball, while the normals cry at home for some failures from the past.

  • As you will learn in any Introduction to Psychology class, Emotions do not respond to Logic, ever. If you want a logical sound minded individual in power, you don't want him/her to have emotions. Emotions can block logical or intellectual efficiency. Psychopaths have proven on many occasions to be more witty and prepared for intellectual tasks than normal people, and it is theorized that there may be a genetic link between psychopaths and alpha-males and leaders of our ancient ancestors.

  • Hitler had plenty of emotion, do you feel he should have been given power?

  • Sucks to be them.


  • @steel7112 Thats not a bad thing you know

  • @canyougetmesumMnMs Its not that hard to understand, some are born this way, some are made. It seems that your the type to feel bad for stepping on a bug, so im not suprised its hard for you to get it. Oh, and they dont care about what comes around

  • First off, I didn't mean to come off as judgmental; I erased that comment. I just meant it disturbs me that some people don't care what happens to themselves or others. It's sad to me. All I was trying to express.
    Secondly, I hate/am terrified of bugs, but I do feel bad that I must kill them =[

  • @canyougetmesumMnMs I get where your coming from, but the world isnt perfect, thats just how it is.

  • Yeah =[

  • They aren't all driven by this. Some introverted psychopaths are driven away from humans almost entirely, and display some schizoid traits.

  • It should be MANDATORY to have people who keep guzzling tax $ for drug programs (i.e. repeat offenders) to get a court mandated MRI.

  • Yet we worship them.

  • Go put your foil hat back on. You're embarrassing.

  • But we have the pure instinct to kill. I have played so many brutal and gory games (and most of these games are realistic) and I have practiced with many weapons such as knifes,staffs,other blunt objects etc. But I had no help from anybody else but me. I am physically fit,strong and have good stamina. And I have no one to thank but my ''sickness'' and the internet and all it's dark corners. And compare that to you ''normal'' humans. So tell me now, who is going to be extinct?

  • Lols, your an embarrassment, nor a sociopath.

  • And you are a brain dead motherfucker with a goal to muck up everything with your stupidity,which explains why you are unwanted.

  • Hahaha, shouldnt you be doing your homework kid ?

  • PSYCHOPATHS see us as cockroaches, we are the source of all their problems and we aren't human. we cant identify them, but they can recognize each other as toddlers, they are attracted to each other and form "Hives". the GOP a perfect example. has the GOP ever done anything that didn't cause millions of people suffering.?

  • everyone that runs for political office or is in a political position and any political appointee should be tested. a psychopath cant sign a or take an oath of office. they are entirely unable to understand what it is.. other than the best way to get rich and use power to abuse people and bring more of their kind into politics or positions of power.

  • it explains that he is probably a psychopath.

  • Psychopaths are typically of lower IQ levels.. which is why they could really get caught up in such fantasies, but are the first man down in a real situation.

  • you warship them, I wouldn't piss on one if they were on fire.. I have known too many, my wife and child are both psychopaths.

  • not gods at all, they just think they are, but they in no way can be called people nor human.

  • That's wrong! Psychopaths usually have high IQ because we know that knowledge is power and we desire power as much as we can get.

  • from a real scientific research paper where do get your info..? out of you butt?

    "Inmate participants were predominantly Caucasian and had an average age of around 31 or 32 years old. The average I.Q score for psychopaths 97.9 – 99.6was slightly lower than those identified as not being psychopathic (101.4 to 102.3). Researchers used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) on 27 participants and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) on 40 participants to compare the brains of psychopaths

  • I see you are very smart. I bet you found out about copy&paste and wikipedia all by yourself,and your grammar is really ''good''. I don't know where your from,but here people barely understand basic English,so I consider myself very intelligent just on that alone.

  • Those are not psychopaths! I do my research and I know that psychopaths know that knowledge is power, and power is what we desire most!

  • J

    great vid

  • edgy as fuck brah. 1/10 you got me to reply…

  • well, the evironment would change the effects of the brain surely.

  • That's a lie, sociopaths/psychopaths do have emotions. They are just very dulled/shallow.

  • That's because they are stupid enough to get caught, and doesn't think about erasing their tracks. Psychopath are considered very intelligent.

  • It's Michael Myer's brain!!!! lol 🙂

  • And Greg Beharrell from 102.1 the Edge…..

    Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell Greg Beharrell

  • Why the heck have i never seen this vid DAM!!!!!

  • Psychopaths are quite literally brain damaged people.

  • This must be an older study because it is now known that there is a structural difference in the amygdala of many psychopaths. It is generally smaller than average. They also seem to have reduced connections between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala. In addition , there is possibly some correlation with a large cavum septum pellucidum (particularly in aggressive/violent psychopaths)which indicates a maldevelopment of the limbic system. Of course , thus far, these differences are merely statistically correlational and they can be found in other disorders as well as normally behaved people.


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