Psychology vs. Psychiatry

Psychology vs. Psychiatry

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Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist discusses the difference between psychiatry and psychology.

Psychiatry focuses on medical or physical interventions such as drugs, electroshock therapy, deep brain stimulation by electrode, psychosurgery, etc. This is the model of biological psychiatry. Behavior problems are considered to be actual medical illnesses with physical causes despite the fact that after over 100 years of attempts to identify a physical cause for mental illness, there are still none.

Often time people are given antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, Lexapro, Effexor or Wellbutrin.

SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are often promoted as correcting chemical imbalances in the brain but there is no proof that depression or mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain nor is there any proof that antidepressants correct an imbalance. These medications often time have horrible side effects like agitation and sexual dysfunction.

Psychology by contrast acknowledges the potential of behavior problems being learned responses which can be corrected with therapy and communication, education and understanding.

There are no cures in psychiatry. Psychiatric medications only suppress or inhibit symptoms of behavior problems. This creates long term mental health consumers who take expensive drugs but never fully recover from their difficulties.

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  • Um… what Psychiatrist have you been going to? Because none of the many I've seen had any use beyond prescribing medications. In fact it's all they do anymore. Coming from someone who has experienced the quackery first hand, Psychiatry is a fraud. They really know nothing about the drugs they prescribe or how they work. Yet they must know that they rarely fare better than placebos in clinical trials. The very institutions that provide their educations have been corrupted by pharma money.

  • You're so wrong. First off they have the placebo effect. Second they have horrible side effects which more often than not outweigh any positive effects. They are found to not have much more effectiveness than a placebo. I was brainwashed to think that I needed them until I realized that while on them, I was more depressed and dysfunctional than when off them. They same people in and out of the mental hospital will claim they work despite being no better off. It's a scam.

  • Did you ever look to see the advertisements in the magazines? The Drug companies. It's all about money not recovery. The medication doesn't work, and people continue to be cycled through the same old drugs with different names, all doing nothing to help. Big Pharma owns this country, that's why that's all you see now.

  • psychiaitary is clinical and cold psychology is care and compassion psychiatrists will fuc= u .up take care support and connection makes you strong . isolation makes you crave .xxx

  • Why do I get the impression that your comments about placebo effects were not formulated as a result of reading dozens of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles? I don't think medication is always the answer, but I also just as strongly think that you don't seem to know what you're talking about and are making up things as you go.

  • There are drugs that the mechanism of action is not clearly understood but the effects are helpful for the clients. Science in general cannot answer everything so it's not a scam. Also, the drugs used in psychiatry are not used TO CURE it is used to CONTROL the symptoms. Because there is no mental illness that have been cured yet, just controlled.

  • The intro made me think I was playing halo

  • psychologist talk it out, psychiatrist drug you and send you on your way.
    6 minute video wtf

  • psychiatrists are absolutely criminal. its very hard to believe these criminals are killing people right and left in year 2012. INCREDIBLE.

  • Psychiatrists remind me too much of internists. I do not like them.

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  • If I had to choose, I prefer psychologists more than psychiatrist because you're with a psychiatrist for only 5-10 minutes until they say that you're mentally ill without any tests and they prescribe drugs that are dangerous and only mask your behavior. A lot of the "illnesses" just seem like typical human behavior that are called illnesses so they can give out drugs and make money out of it. Psychology seems like the lesser if the two evils…

  • Hi, the docs aren't really sure what is going on with me except they know that sometimes I'm having real seizures and sometimes I'm having "sudo" seizures. However I've been diagnosed with PTSD and possible "borderline bipolar" lol. However no one wants to say I have epilepsy. So I'm going on a quest to figure this out. I know I'm a head case and the last field I have yet to go to is psychology. So here it goes. Wish me luck! Oh the meds keep my redheadedness locked up but only to a point… I have Medicade VaPrimer. I live in VA. Any suggestions?

  • Psychiatry = bad cop with a stick, psychology = good cop with a reward. All of it is mind manipulation toward the entrapment of mans free will. I appreciate there are rare and genuine healers in both professions but they are, like the vast bulk of mediocre materialists, ultimately reliant on the imperial cult for a roof over their head and thus operate under the umbrella of an overarching system which is genocidal in nature. I wouldnt trust either, even if the intent was genuinely good. I do live in the most opressive surveillance state ever devised though so maybe Im biased by perspective.

  • seems like a pretty biased opinion. I'm wary of anyone saying 99% of the time this is how it is. Really?! You can confidently say that? So then well over half of all Psychiatrists are just drug pushers and they won't actually help you in a meaningful way. yeah… I'm not saying they don't exist, but come on. 

  • Psychiatrists study the same pseudoscience as psychologists which is psychology. The only difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that a psychiatrist can prescribe drugs and a psychologist cannot. There is no other difference.

  • It blows my mind how a professional can be so willfully dishonest, especially when it pertains to the well-being of patients. If he truly believes that 99% of psychiatrists believe that "mental illness" is biologically derived solely: he is incompetent to provide effective care. Read the literature doctor, it is not pseudoscience.

  • You do realise psychiatry and psychology are not real sciences. Its just pseudoscience promoted by psychopaths.

  • psychology is for idiots which cant deal with the hard work behind a real science (as psychiatry for example). Those who are thinking to study psychology please look for a real science.

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