Psychology Sharing Experiment

Psychology Sharing Experiment

Experiment for my Learning and Memory Psychology class at UALR


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  • What a cute experiment !
    You did a great job here, same environment for each set of children, simple and quick.
    One thing though, you should have worked on a phrase to say so that they all get the same information. This is a bias to discuss in your paper if you have to do one.
    Well done ! πŸ™‚

  • You didn't explain it well enough (except for the oldest girls you did). If it was about seeing if they would share (and not if they would just look) then you needed to make it clear that they were allowed to open the lid and eat the snack after you left. It was not clear at all. Fail!

  • The third little boy β™‘β™‘β™‘

  • very good experiments

  • do you have 8 kids

  • You kept on putting the Oreos in the boys' plates and as a transgender aero-attack helicopte r aptor and as a male feminist I take great offence

  • i swear kids are drunk all the time

  • how do the kids make the oreos last infinite number of bites? i usually finish mine in … 2?

  • The second to last children were the cutest….

  • The second girl was crafty… she knew if the boy got two then she trusted she would get an equal amount. She didn't want to share two. She wanted to have two for herself. Very clever. And also shows she has a lot of trust in her mother.

  • Did you already eat it haha savage

  • 3:09 I want to kill that blonde boy (not literal) but he annoyed me why did he grab it that was not sharing

  • my kids share when theres little snacks but when they see an entire batch of cookies, every kid for themselves.

  • This was really cute and it made my day

  • Girl at 3:45 was very polite, but the experiments true outcome may have been different if the server wasn't the girl's mom. Also, if the children knew each other or were friends it's not a neutral experiment.

  • That last one was great. Girl on the left shared her cookies but only after she had a good laugh.

  • What was the hand thing the first kids were doing

  • THE 1ST KID with the oreos is a Republican. The 3RD KID with the oreos came from Sweden or a 1st Born

  • The first boy doesn't know about how to sharing his food! ew -.- #turkey

  • One child getting two cookies and the other getting one? I hope this is not their parent. This can damage the parent child trust bond.

  • 4:25 she thought it was Hanzel and Gretel, but remembered her mum is coming back. I AM DEAD Hahahaha!

  • " i tell my mom everything and she will understand" literally me. but this little girl is so bright at such a young age !:)

  • The bros!

  • "I'm gonna leave for two minutes and then you can open it."

    opens it before she comes back

    Rebel 😏

  • What's up with the girls? When they were with a boy, they seemed to not want them to share their cookies. But the last set of girls were okay with sharing after a little teasing.
    What were the results here?
    Still interesting πŸ™‚

  • do it but with one oreo lol

  • first guy is going to be a politician

  • "You already ate it?" πŸ˜‚

  • The girls seem reluctant to accept the share, while the boys will take their cut.


  • One two one two one two…….well….I guess there are no other numbersπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  • It"s not good because most of the kids were siblings and it makes sence to share…..normally the kids shouldn"t have known each other

  • 3:52 i like this guy
    nice attitude

  • in middle school I want to study psychology

  • i like the gasp lol "how dare he break the rules so quick!"

  • I like number 3..nice

  • Y`all

  • The smartest person was the female at 3min 33sec she delayed for rules and did not give into impulses like lower IQ people do. Although points to the kid who gave her his other cookie so fast to make it right. 20 points to Gryffindor Now f@ck off I'm eating my cookies in the slytherin common room.

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